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An Overview of The V Season 2 Finale

V Season 2 on Blu-Ray DiscThe second series finale of V is likely the finale of the V television series, and it went out with quite a bang. The episode was the culmination of two plots at once: Anna’s plot to get a grandchild, and the Fifth Column’s plot to depose Anna. Unfortunately for the humans, everything that could go wrong goes wrong in the episode. Lisa (briefly) reconciles with her mother, Anna manages to kill Diana, and the resistance itself is crushed by the by Ryan’s half-human child, who is actually able to bliss humans. Erica is left unaffected thanks to Project Ares, but the war seems to be over – the Vs have won.

The show ends with quite a few deaths. Tyler is killed by Lisa’s clone, Ryan is killed by his daughter, and even Diana meets her end at Anna’s hands. The Vs are victorious in the V season 2 finale, likely setting up a world that is far more similar to the original television’s continuity. Whether or not Erica and Project Ares would have been successful against a newly Blissed world is up for debate, and final image of Amy and Anna standing together does not bode well for humanity.

All in all, the episode made for a fine season finale and somewhat of a depressing series finale. It is strongly in line with the tone of the original miniseries, but it seems that there were still many questions left to be asked. If the show is ever brought back, I think a very different status quo will be in place. The Visitors can drop any pretense of being simple friendly aliens, and the majority of humanity will be under their thrall. Whether or not humanity could have bounced back would have been an interesting question to ask, but it seems unlikely an answer will be forthcoming.

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Here is a preview of the V Season 2 Series Finale

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