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Pacific Foods: New Packaging For An Improved Lifestyle

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As a mom who is not always fond of cooking, I am always on the lookout for grocery items that can help me provide my family with a quick meal, which is why one staple I always make sure I have on hand is chicken stock. My stockpile started running low right before the holiday season so I made a trip to the supermarket and headed for the canned foods aisle. As I was browsing the aisle, I started noticing a new type of packaging. Unlike the typical packaging, some of the products were now contained in what is known as a Tetra Pak. The Pacific Oat Milk we drink comes in Tetra Pak, so I was familiar with it, but I had never seen other items like chicken stock packaged this way before. Through research and use, I found that not only does this new type of container have an innovating and interesting name, but the packaging is safe, economical, and environmentally.

pacific organic chicken stock, pumpkin puree and jellied cranberry sauce


When feeding my family, I strive to ensure that not only are the meals nutritious, but that they are safe to eat. I’ve found that these nifty Tetra Pak’s use aseptic packaging, meaning that they have been thoroughly sterilized prior to being filled with food. Even the factory where the food is handled is highly sealed and the machine equipment is fully sterile.


Pacific Brand’s move to Tetra Paks not only made me feel safer about the food I feed my family, but it also has helped me save money on my grocery bills. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up one of those big cans of chicken stock and used just a little bit of it for a recipe. I usually store the rest for later, but sometimes I forget to use it in time and wind up throwing it away. This new packaging allows me to stock up on Pacific products, and not worry that I’ll need to throw them out after a few weeks in the pantry. This allows me to keep food longer, and reduce my monthly grocery bill.

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Pacific organic Simply Stock Chicken Tetra Pak

Tastes better

When I was little, we used to always go to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Every year without fail, she forgot to either buy or make cranberry sauce. Someone would always run out to the nearest store to buy one of those canned varieties. When you opened up the can, it would come out in the shape of the can and would always have kind of a metallic taste to it. Now you can say no to the can with Pacific Foods’ Organic Jellied Cranberry Sauce in Tetra Pak. It’s super easy to open and no metallic taste!

Pacific organic Jellied Cranberry Sauce Tetra Pak

Environmentally Friendly

I’ve always felt that even a small gesture to be environmentally friendly makes an impact. The new Tetra Pak helps me do my part. I’m a big proponent of teaching Z.E.N. about being eco-friendly and love to point out new ways that we can go green. The new packaging is made of 70% paper made from replanted trees and it uses 1/3 less packaging than traditional cans. At least now when I open one of these food containers, I know that I’m being environmentally positive, and that my children also understand the need to use environmentally friendly alternatives.

Pacific Organic Pumpkin Puree Tetra Pak

Overall, if you’re looking to make a lifestyle change year that is great for your family, budget, and the environment, then follow my recommendation and try out the new carton packaging by Pacific Foods. It’s not just simply smart, it’s carton smart.

#CartonSmart Tetra Pak infographic

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