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PR Policies & Disclosures

I am PR friendly and would love to work with PR companies and brands.  I am digitally-connected and  am well versed in the areas of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media. I am well aware of the importance of performing keyword research and backlinking my content with the aim of ranking high in the search engines, and engage in these tasks daily.  Because of this, I am a key social influencer in this fast growing industry.  Feel free to contact me to start the discussion.


Yes, I offer ads.  Ad space in both text links and a variety of banner sizes are available.  Pricing is on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  I reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel is not a good fit for this blog. Please Contact me for more detailed information.

Please take a look at some of my policies:

Product Review Policy

Giveaway Policy

Disclosure Policy


Are you looking for a fun way to empower your customers?  If so, Brand Ambassador Programs are a great way to promote your brand.  If you feel this site would be a good fit for me to represent your brand in your Ambassador Program then I would love to hear your pitch!

Our brand ambassador experiences include the following brands:

Duane Reade



Website Review Policy

I am happy to review your website if you feel that my readers might be part of your target audience.  Because it can take a significant amount of time to write a well balanced and informative review, a fee will be charged for website reviews. In addition, any membership fee required to access your website must be covered by you.

The review post will include a disclaimer. The post will never be removed and the link will be tweeted to my Twitter followers.  I reserve the right to decline any website or blog review that is not family appropriate as well as reserve the right to decline any image that is not family appropriate.

Blog Posts – Advertorials/Sponsored posts

Content and/or links must be relevant to my site content. A fee will be charged to post a pre-written word blog post of up to 400 words on this blog. Post must be of interest to my readers and must include a disclaimer. Post is never taken down and link is tweeted to my Twitter followers.

Conference Sponsorship

I enjoy the chance to learn and network with other bloggers and stay on top of all the latest technologies out there.  Full sponsorship is preferred however, there are plenty of options we can work out in terms of a sponsorship.

Sponsored Travel

My family loves to travel.  If you would like me to share a travel experience to your destination then feel free to contact me about my calendar.  Travel reviews will consist of multiple blog posts to ensure that all the details of the experience is shared with my readers. All travel costs, including travel to and from transportation hub, will of course be covered by you.

It goes without saying that none of this is written in stone.  I am open to any ideas that you have that will help promote you in exchange for your sponsorship.

Please be sure to fill out the  Contact form for more information

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