Save on Prescriptions with the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Even if You’re Insured

Cost of healthcareAlthough we are a relatively healthy family, we do have a few prescriptions that we have to fill regularly. For instance, we, along with most of the residents in our town, have a private well and therefore, our water supply does not contain fluoride.  Because of this, Z.E.N. has to take a multivitamin that includes fluoride.  This type of vitamin is not sold over the counter, and is sold by prescription only.  As you can imagine, being on any prescription regimen can be costly.  Even though we have insurance, we still have to pay a co-pay for vitamins as well as some of the other prescriptions we’ve had to fill.  Over time, paying a co-pay has been pretty costly.

We fill our prescriptions at Walgreen’s because it is the pharmacy that is closest to our house.  Recently I’ve noticed signage in the store about their  prescription savings club.  For some reason, I always thought this program was geared towards people who did not have insurance.  Since we have insurance, I pretty much ignored the signs and never thought about signing up.

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club signage

I recently discovered however that this was not the case.  It turns out that you can sign up even if you are insured.  My pharmacist explained that insurers use different formularies to calculate the cost of different drugs.  Using the Walgreen’s prescription savings club in conjunction with your insurance will allow you to compare the rates of coverage and will allow you to choose to use whichever one will cost less.

Me at the Walgreens pharmacy window

I signed up right away and opted for the family plan which cost $35 for the year. walgreensprescriptionsavings As an added bonus, when you sign up for the prescription plan, you  are automatically enrolled into the Walgreens Bonus Program.  This program allows you to earn a 10% bonus on Walgreens branded items and in-store photofinishing.   Sweet!

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For more info on the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, please be sure to check out their website.  You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter.

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Do you pay a lot for prescriptions?

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  • I’ve passed the sign as well! I have heard about people saving a lot with this program, and I’m eager to sign up myself!

    • Oh you should definitely try it. I can’t wait for my real cards to come so I can start racking up bonus points on my regular purchases too!

  • I just have one regular prescription, but I am still saving a ton of money wit the plan. It’s less than half the price of my copay!

  • Ugh, I feel like we pay SO much for prescriptions, even with “good” Rx insurance. I just paid close to $100 bucks for some ointment that would have cost $600 without insurance. But you know the manufacturer could probably sell it for $10 and still make a profit! Crazy.

    • I hate that some of the prescriptions are so pricey. I remember paying that much for an ointment once. Ridiculous!

  • I did recently find myself needing to get antibiotic prescription filled without insurance & it was pretty pricey. Then the Walgreen’s person told me about the savings club and it saved me 50 dollars on my prescription.

  • Ok, I am confused now. Yesterday you talked about fluoride being bad for you and getting it out of your drinking water, and today you are giving your child RX vitamins with fluoride. Why would you do that? I would get a fluoride mouth rinse for his teeth and forget ingesting it.

    • Oops, sorry for the confusion. Yesterday’s post was a guest post and was not written by me. I would like to add though, that when fluoride is in the water supply, it’s hard to control the dosage, because you can drink water several times a day, so I do agree with the guest poster’s suggestion of having water filtered.

Save on Prescriptions with the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Even if You’re Insured

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