Say Yes to Your Kids More Often With These 3 Tips

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The other day Z.E.N. told me he wanted to ask me something. When I asked him what he wanted, he said: “never mind, you’re going to say no, anyway.” I was floored when I heard him say that. I realized that I had a tendency to always answer no when he asked me things.  As a parent, saying no is important. “No” You can’t stay up late tonight. “No.” You can’t have cookies as a snack. “No” You can’t play video games on a school night. It is how we keep our children safe, set limits, and reinforce rules. However, there are plenty of opportunities where instead of saying “no,” I can actually say “yes” and still be an effective parent. So instead of saying NO, I’ve been trying to say YES more often.

For example, I recently said yes to…:

playing video games on a school night when there was no homework assigned;

playing video games

playing basketball indoors when it was raining outside;

playing basketball in the kitchen

letting Z.E.N. have his favorite beverage.


I have absolutely no problem letting him drink Capri Sun. I buy it specifically for him to take to school in his lunch box, but I always buy it in bulk because I know he loves it so much.  I love it too because it has less sugar than leading regular juice drinks. It also doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. I buy it at my local Walmart. They carry so many varieties and flavors of Capri Sun which makes it easy to please everyone in the family.

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Being able to say to him makes him happy, which in turn makes me happy!

Of course, I have to push back sometimes. For instance, when he asked if he could have ice cream fifteen minutes after having breakfast, instead of saying no, I said: “Sure, you can have some after lunch.”


3 Tips to Help You Say Yes to Your Kids More Often

1.  When your child makes a request that you cannot agree to, offer alternatives. For instance, if your child asks if his/her friend can come over, instead of saying No, you can say something like “Sure, when you finish your homework, you can give them a call.” Or if your child asks you to buy a new video game, you can say “Yes, you can buy that. Let’s come up with some ideas on how you can save up for it.”

2.  Ask yourself: “What is the worst/best thing that could happen?”. If the positives outweigh the downsides, you have to say yes!

3.  Think before saying no. Take a moment to look at the bigger picture before blurting out “No.”

Make no mistake: parenting isn’t easy. It’s actually pretty hard. Sometimes we HAVE to say no. Just make sure that the “no’s” are necessary and not merely a knee-jerk reaction in response to your child’s request. Try to say yes and when you do, take a #yessie aka selfie with your kids!

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Say Yes to Your Kids More Often With These 3 Tips

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