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Shopping for Boys Sneakers #CBias

Last week while I was going through Z.E.N.’s folder, I noticed an envelope with my name on it.  I thought that maybe it was a thank you note form his teacher for the Christmas gift he gave her, so didn’t open it right away and opted to focus on his homework.  When I opened it up later on that evening I realized that he had been written up for not wearing sneakers to school on gym day.

Note from Z.E.N.'s school

He was actually wearing these:

Stride Rite Boots

You see, he did have a good pair of sneakers, he had these Kenneth Cole Reaction sneakers,

Kenneth Cole Reaction sneakers

but the back of the right shoe kind of caved in making it uncomfortable for him to wear them.  I sent Phil out to buy him a new pair of sneakers a few weeks before Christmas, and instead of shopping for boys sneakers, they came home with the boots pictured above.

I didn’t really think of them as boots, since they weren’t very bulky and had rubber soles and he seemed to move around well in them, so I let him wear them to school even on gym days.  He has gym twice a week , namely on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He wore them for the past few weeks until I received the note last  Wednesday.   I was like “oh crap!”  Since it was Wednesday, he was due to have gym again the next day.  Since I read the note so late that evening, it was too late to go out and buy him a new pair of sneakers, so I scrambled to find his canvas sneakers he wore last summer.  They’re a little tight, but I had him wear them anyway, vowing that I would get him a new pair over the weekend.

So earlier today, we headed out to the mall to see what we could find.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but Z.E.N. is very picky when it comes to clothing.  He’s only 5 years old but already has such a flair for fashion.  Because of this, shopping with him is not always fun, so I try to leave him home when I can.  Unfortunately, since his feet are somewhat wide, I had to bring him along to make sure that whatever shoes he picked fit were a proper fit. Phil also came along since we like to spend as much time we can together as a family!

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The first store we saw upon entering the mall was the shoe store Finish Line.

Finish Line shoe store

I had never shopped at a Finish Line store before but was eager to check it out.  Upon entering the store, I noticed that it was nice and big, well lighted and had a great selection of shoes for the whole family.  We ventured over to the children’s shoe section and got to work on getting Z.E.N. a new pair of sneakers.

Kids running shoes and sneakers at Finish Line shoe store

Because Z.E.N’s feet grow so fast, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes.  I tend to set my limit at around $50.  I was happy to find that they had a nice selection of shoes in my price range.  They also had a large selection of shoes that were on sale and on clearance.

They had a lot of interesting choices.  Check out these colorful choices:

Reebok Spiderman shoesAnother pair of reebok spiderman shoes

Z.E.N. had his eyes set on these shoes, but unfortunately, they didn’t have them in his size.

Interesting looking pair of Reebok kids running shoesP1000498

Then he fell in love with these kids running shoes.

Z.E.N. liked these Nike Kids running shoes

I liked the fact that they were very lightweight and seemed comfortable.  I was also happy to see that hey had a velcro closure instead of laces because Z.E.N. is still working on learning how tie his shoes.

Z.E.N. waiting to see if they had the Nike's in his sizeMe helping him to try on the shoes

He likes them and thinks he's cool now!

He tried them on and they fit.  He did also try on a few more pairs, but he had already fallen in love with the first pair that he tried on so there was no way he was taking them off his feet.  Of course he wore them home.

Z.E.N. loves hi new pair of boys sneakers - Nike Kids running shoes

I’ve got more pictures of our Finish Line stores shopping experience here.  Please take a minute to  check them out!

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  • This post reminds me of shopping for my son. They grow so fast!
    I would have thought the pair he wore to gym were okay, but I must admit my son has a pair like those and he won’t wear them when he has activities after school. He says the “real” sneakers make him “superfast”. lol

    • Ha! so funny. My son said the same thing this morning. He put them on and was running and jumping all over the house saying that his new shoes made him super fast and jump high!

    • He loves them. He actually wore them to school today although today is not a gym day. Plus, although we have a no shoe policy in our home, he wanted to keep them on in the house. So yeah, he loves them!