Six Ways to Be Safe and Healthy This Halloween

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We’re quickly approaching everyone’s favorite holidayHalloween! What could be more fun than dressing up,  trick-or-treating, apple bobbing, or costume parties? Here are some tips to keep the occasion healthy and safe for you and your family.


Eat a healthy meal before going out trick or treating. Starting out with a full stomach can help avoid the urge to eat the candy and goodies throughout the night and it will help to cut down on binge/ overeating.

Keep Active. Instead of driving kids house to house or pulling your kids through the neighborhood in a wagon to trick or treat, let them walk with you. This is a fun way you and your family can add some physical activity to your day. Don’t forget your flashlights and reflective gear so you can stay safe after dark!

Determine how much candy your kids will be allowed to eat. Let’s face it, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without candy. The kids in this video say it best!

Allowing your children  to have a few pieces of candy on Halloween night is not such a big deal. Moderation is key.  Plan in advance how much candy they’ll be allowed to keep, and eat. help decide what to do with excess candy.

Be a role mode. According to a Crest Halloween Survey, 44% of parents admitted to eating more Halloween candy than their children. Teach by example. Keep your own portion size in mind and limit candy consumption to one or two pieces at a time.

Inspect the treats. Though tampering is rare, it is still a good idea to check your children’s candy loot. Throw away any items that are spoiled, unwrapped or  may be potential allergens to your child. Also, toss anything homemade — unless you know the person who gave it to your child and can be sure it’s safe.

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Buy your kids a cool new toothbrush.  Find a design that features a favorite character or color. When kids are excited about a toothbrush that features their character, they are more likely to become excited about brushing and want to do it more often.

Six Ways to Be Safe and Healthy This Halloween


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Six Ways to Be Safe and Healthy This Halloween

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