Smart Ways Kids Can Accessorize School Uniforms

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Do your kids wear uniforms? Z.E.N. attends a private Catholic school and is required to wear a uniform. There are many benefits associated with private school uniforms. For one, it makes it easier for kids to get ready in the morning. Since he was a toddler, Z.E.N. has been a  tad bit picky about his clothing. Sometimes when we’re going out, he would change his outfit a few times before he’s ready. I don’t have time for that on school days, so the uniform is perfect.  There are a few downsides though.

ZEN dressed in his school uniform

First off, many private schools require you to purchase uniforms from a specific vendor where the items are often overpriced. What I have discovered though is that many of the items that do not have a logo like pants and button down shirts can be found elsewhere at more reasonable prices. One such place is JCPenney. They have a wide range of uniform items to choose from. I found school uniform pants and shirts in their uniform store for less than it would cost from the school’s supplier.

Another downside of wearing uniforms is that individuality is a little hard to express with private school uniforms or Catholic school uniforms. Do not fret, the following are a few smart ways children can individualize their school uniform without breaking the dress code.

Ways to Accessorize School Uniforms

Accessorize with Jewelry

Okay, jewelry can be a little tricky. This is not always permitted in schools but some allow small and conservative pieces. Z.E.N.’s School allows the students to wear simple items like cross chains and watches. Children lucky enough to attend a school that is okay with jewelry should take advantage of it. Do not overdo it. Keep it simple. Some items to consider are earrings, chains, watches, bracelets.

The Backpack

The backpack is one of the few accessories that allow students to make a statement, which makes it a very important purchase. This does not mean you have to bend over backward to find the perfect backpack, but do give your child an ample amount of choices to find something that he or she is okay with. Clip-on accessory items that dangle from the backpacks can also help a student stand out.

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Cool Galaxy backpack

Throw on Some Cool Socks

Even though  Z.E.N.’s school only allows the boys to wear black or blue socks, there’s no reason to settle for boring socks. Jazz it up by choosing some cool patterned socks. Z.E.N. found some fun patterned socks that still adhere to the dress code.

patterned sock can help jazz up a boring uniform

Hair Styles Rule

Sure, it seems like it is not much you can do to school uniform pants or shirts to make them stand out, but there are a few things you can do with your hair. Boys can experiment with different haircuts. Girls can wear their hair in different styles like French braids or pony tails. They can also style their hair with hair clips or hair bands as long as they are conservative. A touch of individuality goes a long way, and these accessories are usually affordable.


When it comes to outerwear, anything goes. This is where students can really show off their personality. Z.E.N. likes to wear simple jackets over his uniform in the fall and will often wear a ski vest coupled with a warmer fleece jacket or hoodie during the winter.

Accessorizing the school uniform with outerwear

These are only a few ways to accessorize school uniforms. There are other things that can be done as well like using scarfs or belts as long as you keep it conservative.

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Smart Ways Kids Can Accessorize School Uniforms

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