Sprucing Up My Guest Room With Faux Headboard Art With Supplies from Duane Reade

It’s been 7 years since we moved into our house and the one room that has been sorely neglected is my guest room.  It has no artwork, no headboard and is just blah.  Phil painted it last summer, but I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it…that is until now.

My blah guest room that's needs some sprucing up

I wanted to purchase a headboard, but all the ones that I wanted were pretty pricey, so I scoured the internet for some budget friendly ideas instead.  I came across quite a few D.I.Y. projects that seemed doable.   I decided that I would create some faux headboard art.

Me and the crew (Phil and Z.E.N.) headed out to Duane Reade so I could pick up some supplies for my project.  I knew that Duane Reade carried just about everything so I knew they would have what I needed.  I headed straight to the aisle which housed the art supplies and also to the greeting card aisle to look for some wrapping paper.

Me shopping for supplies at Duane Reade

I picked up some foam boards at Duane Reade

Me adding the foam boards to my basket at Duane Reade

These are the supplies I purchased for my project:

These are the supplies purchased at Duane Reade for the Faux headboard art project

I purchased 2 foam presentation boards, 2 rolls of decorative wrapping paper, 1 bottle of Elmer’s glue and a pack of 3M command wall hanging strips.

This is how I created the Faux headboard Art.

First, I measured the wrapping paper against the foam boards.

faux headboard art project - step 1

Then I flipped it over so I could cut it.

faux headboard art project - step 2

I used a Craft knife to cut, but you can also use regular scissors.  I also used my cutting board because I did not want my wood floors to get scratched.faux headboard art project - step 3

faux headboard art project - step 4

Next up, I applied some glue to the wrapping paper and then stuck it onto the foam board.

faux headboard art project - step 5

I initially intended to used the craft knife to trim the left over edges, but I decided that I wanted the edges to also be covered in wrapping paper so I just folded them over and glued them down to the back of the foam board.faux headboard art project - step 6

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Here is one completed foam board.

faux headboard art project - step 7

because I just squeezed out the glue and didn’t smooth it out, I wound up having these ripples.  I didn’t intend for this to happen, but I kind of like it! It gives it a textured look.faux headboard art project - step 8

Next step was to hang them up on the wall.

faux headboard art project - step 9

This is what the completed faux headboard art project looks like.

completed faux headboard art project

What do you think?

Doing this project got my creative juices flowing.  There are so many D.I.Y. projects that you can complete using simple supplies from a store like Duane Reade.  You can make wall art, collages, picture frames and more!

Please take a look at my Google + story to see my entire Duane Reade shopping experience.

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Sprucing Up My Guest Room With Faux Headboard Art With Supplies from Duane Reade

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