Summer Olympics Party Inspiration

The 2012 summer Olympic games are almost here and we can’t wait to watch them. Because Z.E.N. was on the track team at his school this past spring, he can’t wait to see the track and field games.  Watching the games are always a lot of fun, but have you ever thought about taking it up a notch to celebrate the summer Olympics with a theme party. A summer Olympics party featuring themed food, activities and décor can help create special memories for Olympics fans.

Finding inspiration for an Olympic themed party is simple. Here are some of the ideas you can use while planning the summer get-together.

Summer Olympic Trivia

Will you be in the midst of self-proclaimed sports experts? Test their knowledge with summer Olympic sports trivia. Use bright colored flash cards to represent different pieces of Olympic trivia and see how the adults of the group fare with some of those past Olympic memories.

Carry the Torch


To celebrate the opening ceremonies with children create torches using construction and tissue paper. Use gold scrapbook paper to create the torch, and red, orange and yellow tissue paper to craft the flames that are coming out of it. Allow the children to carry the torch around the home – finally ending up at the designed podium.

Wondering what types of food to serve at the Summer Olympic Party?

Consider the Host Country

Make two or three dishes that are native to the country hosting the summer games. Serve these dishes, throughout the celebration to celebrate the beginning of the Olympics.

DIY Cookies


Create Olympic circles for children to decorate at the party and have traditional colors available (both for icing and decorations) to allow children to recreate one of the iconic symbols associated with the games, the Olympic circles.

Around the World

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Host an Olympics Potluck party featuring world food like some of Hormel’s Ethnic brands where each guest is assigned a country that is participating in the Summer Olympics. Their task for the party is to bring a dish from that country, using ingredients that are common to the area. At the end of the party, you can host your own medal ceremony –awarding the prize to the best three dishes of the night.

Trying to figure out how to decorate for a Summer Olympics party?

Mark it on the Map

Bring out a map and attach it to a board. Allow the guests to mark areas on the map where they have travelled, and see how much of the map you can fill.

Alternatively, you can allow children to find the areas of the map that correlate with countries that are taking place in the Summer Olympics, coordinating this with a list. Think of it as a ‘Pin the Olympian on the map’ idea.

Bring out the Sports

Why not have everyone bring a token of their favorite sport in the summer Olympics or create a treats table decorated with sporting goods? This is sure to add some Olympic flare to the party!

Creating a special occasion is simple with these Olympic party ideas. To bring your party to the next level, consider handing out gold medals as tokens of thanks for coming. It’s sure to be so much of a hit that you want to wait four years for the next party.


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Summer Olympics Party Inspiration

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