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Tackle Those Printing Projects With HP Instant Ink Replacement Service

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Have you ever wanted to print out a project but then decided against it because of the amount of ink it would require? Yeah, me too. I probably have thousands of photos that I need to print out, but  I’m always worried that these projects will use up too much ink and when I really need to print something important, I won’t be able to do so. I know the way around this is to always have an extra ink cartridge on hand, but in spite of technological advances, most printer owners like me, wait until ink cartridges run out and then start looking for replacements. However, this is a pretty bad approach because we all know that a printer’s ink cartridge could run out at the most inconvenient time, like when you’re printing documents that you have to deliver to a client. Thankfully, HP came up with a great solution to this problem.  It’s called the HP Instant Ink Replacement Service (“HP Instant Ink”). 


How HP Instant Ink works

In simple words, HP Instant Ink is a service that makes it easy for printer owners to print documents without ever worrying about replacement of empty cartridges. To access this service, you have to enroll and provide HP with the the number of pages you expect to print per month. However, if you sign up now HP is offering a promotion of 3 months for free! In order to qualify you must own an eligible HP printer connected to the Internet. This allows HP to track ink usage and send a new cartridge when current one is about to run dry.

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If you enroll and participate in HP’s Instant Ink service, you will enjoy various benefits. To start, monthly fees are quite affordable starting from as low as $2.99 to $9.99. In addition, plans allow printing of extra or "rollover" pages per month ranging from 50 to 300 pages. If you do not exhaust your plan’s monthly page allocation, your unused pages rollover to the next month.

According to a post published by CNET, HP reckons that people or businesses using this service could reduce cost of buying ink cartridges by as much as 70%. Additional pages printed attract specified charges ranging from $1 per 15 pages to $1 per $25 pages. In addition, HP does not charge annual fees and you can cancel participation in this service at anytime without incurring additional penalties.

Another major benefit is cost per page printed is the same regardless of whether you prints black and white or color documents. This means pricing per plan is based on number of pages printed per month, not ink usage. The icing on the cake for consumers is the fact that HP does not charge shipping or cartridge recycling fees. All of these favorable and affordable pricing features translate to significant savings for individuals and businesses over time.

As soon as I received my new ink cartridges, I got to work and started printing out some pictures!  I have thousands more pictures to print, but now I don’t have to worry about running out of ink mid-project.

Printable art

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