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Taking Community Action To Help Foster Change

I recently learned about a new movie called Promised Land. In the movie, a community that faces serious issues come together to tackle these issues.


Matt Damon plays a starring role in this story of community action. In the movie, Matt Damon plays the role of Steve Butler who works for an oil company. He is sent by the oil company to convince people of a certain community to sign over mineral rights to an oil company called Global Crosspower Solutions.

The local science teacher in the community who happens to be a geologist points out that the “fracking” process which the oil company uses in extracting oil from the ground would have devastating consequences on the community. Dustin Noble, another member of the community teams up with the science teacher Frank Yates to mobilize the people of the community against the oil company.

A series of deceptive moves by the oil company makes Matt Damon turn his back on his former employers. At the end of the day, Steve Butler (Matt Damon) is dismissed by the oil company but he joins the community activists and other changemakers to educate people on the dangers posed by oil and gas activities to the local people. He also takes part in a public awareness campaign against the oil and gas firms.

The message of this movie is very clear. People need to come together to save their communities and small acts can lead to great changes. Another message of this movie is that certain actions taken by big companies can be resisted. All it takes is community unity and determined action by the people living in the affected community.protest

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In the past, I’ve joined in on many movements in an effort to foster change.  In 1990, I  joined thousands of people in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to protest against unfair stereotyping and discrimination.  I joined my college community back in 1992 in protesting against tuition hikes. And most recently, I joined forces with other parents when we discovered that an area school was being closed.

Want to make changes in your community? Make sure you check out the Community Action Pack. The community Action Pack highlights some of the very best resources you can find online to help people engage with their communities and take action.

Here are 4 ways you can start taking action:

1. Find out what type of changemaker you are by taking the Changemaker Quiz.

2. Find a volunteer opportunity no matter where you live or how much time you have (featured in the toolkit in the Map section – All for Good)

3. Share stories of how you’ve used the toolkit for a chance to be featured in the TakePart Changemakers series

4. Share this toolkit with your friends

Have you ever joined forces with like minded people in support of a common cause?  How did it turn out?

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  • Thanks for sharing your review of the film.
    I wish I could say I’ve taken part in demonstrations and protests like you. As a former journalist, I could never take a public stand on issues that were important to me. But I got to cover some exciting efforts – especially union rallies in Youngstown, OH.

  • I love how Matt Damon is so proactive in creating change, be it through movies like this, documentaries, or his real-world actions. The community action pack is a really great tool for change! I’ll definitely check it out more.

  • I have heard a lot about this movie and it has my interest. Local news even showed locals who are going through scary changes from fracking.

  • First, I’m so excited to see this movie. Second, I think it is great that it passes on the message that change can start with you. I think more people need to realize that!

  • I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this movie, but I do live under a rock sometimes!

    I am a big believer that random acts of kindness can change the world and write about it often. It takes so little to give a few moments to change one person’s life! I love teaching my kids this concept too! It’s amazing to see how inspiring it is.

  • First of all, I recently saw a preview for that movie…and I didn’t know that Matt Damon changes sides. Which I like since he usually plays “good” guys.

    Secondly, thank you for sharing. So often I see movements that are bigger cities and feel that there is nothing I can really do here where I live (3,600 people), but that just isn’t true. It just takes being passionate about something and never giving up! Thanks for sharing!

  • I have not heard about this movie, but I do agree that change can come when people put their minds to it. Having a community come together can make a difference in the area of where they live.

  • I heard this movies was good. I use to be captain of my company’s MS team for the National MS Society when I was in NYC. Though I don’t have as much time now (and don’t live in NYC anymore) to be captain, I still participate on a team as a member to raise funds every year for this charity.