The CVS MinuteClinic: 3 Reasons Why You Need It In Your Life

This is a sponsored post.The CVS MinuteClinic- 3 Reasons Why You Need It In Your Life

Fall is almost here, and that seems to be the time when lots of people get sick. It sure would be nice if every time we came down with a bug that it happened at a convenient time… but germs have a mind of their own. It seems like the worst colds, coughs and stomach aches happen when you simply do not have time to go to the doctor – or worse – it is after-hours and your last resort is the ER. This can get pretty costly. Luckily, there’s a solution. CVS MinuteClinic® can help. Whether you have a sore, scratchy throat or are tired of dealing with that stomach bug, here are 3 reasons why the CVS MinuteClinic is everything you need in your life to take care of the unexpected…

It’s Quick. 

Walk-in clinics are notorious for offering quick service and then leaving you to rot in the waiting room for what seems like decades. I’m really not a big fan of waiting. What I hate even more is when I make an appointment and still wind up waiting. This walk-in clinic is different. Because they treat only minor and common illnesses, you will not be waiting on a multitude of tests to be conducted on the person ahead of you. You can expect to be in and out of there in a reasonable amount of time. This varies by location, but in general, CVS MinuteClinic Services are the fastest you will come across.

You Can Hold Your Place in Line and Get in Even Faster.

By signing up online, CVS will hold your place in line while you get on your way to their door. Simply use their Hold My Place in Line tool available on their webpage.

cvs hold my place in line

You will be sent a code to enter at the kiosk once you arrive. Just remember to show up 20 minutes prior to the time allotted. You most likely not wait that total time period but you still need to allow a little extra time to make sure your information is correct in their system. I used this feature for the first time last week.  The process was super easy, and instead of waiting in a waiting room to be seen, I had time to take a quick dip in the pool with Z.E.N.  Best waiting room ever!

my CVS minuteclinic waiting room

When I arrived at my local MinuteClinic I signed in at the kiosk and waited a few minutes as the practitioner was in with a patient.

The real cvs minuteclinic waiting area

When I was called in for my screening, the practitioner asked me a few questions and then went straight to work. She took my height and weight measurements, drew some blood, and took my blood pressure. I was really nervous about having my blood drawn because it’s always such an ordeal for me, but I was worrying for no reason because they use the finger-prick technique to draw blood. The practitioner was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Afterwards, she went over the results with me and offered a few recommendations. The process was really quick and felt no different than going to my regular doctor.

It Saves Time.

If after your exam it’s determined that you need a prescription, you’ll find that filling prescriptions is as easy as 1,2,3 at the MinuteClinic. The practitioner will electronically send any prescriptions that you need to the pharmacy of your choice to be filled. I love this option because this means no waiting. You can just show up at the pharmacy to collect whatever was prescribed.

When you are sniffy, sneezy, itchy or achy, the CVS MinuteClinic can not only help you breathe easier… but it can make life a lot easier too. They offer a lot of services, from general health screenings, to vaccinations, to treatment of minor illnesses.  You can find a list of all the services they provide on the MinuteClinic website. Here’s to good health and a little extra time saved to spend on something much better than sitting in a waiting room… like shopping!

Have you ever visited a MinuteClinic location?

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The CVS MinuteClinic: 3 Reasons Why You Need It In Your Life

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