Tips For Developing Your Own Self Care Plan

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Being a mom is hard work. As women, we tend to put ourselves second while taking care of our families. But let’s face it, you can’t care for others if you’re not looking after yourself, too. This is why self-care is so important.  Self-care is basically taking time for yourself on a regular basis to nurture and inspire yourself in healthy ways. Self-care doesn’t need to cost a lot or be too complicated and time-consuming. There are many ways you can begin to nurture your body and soothe the soul. Each person’s self-care process is unique. Even though we all want to be healthy, we all have different visions of what healthy actually means, whether that’s spiritual, socially, emotionally, physically or mentally.

Here are some ideas to get you started in developing your own self-care plan.

Eat healthily.

What you eat is important. Eating properly is an important part of making sure you have enough energy to deal with caregiving. The food that you eat affects your moods, overall health, and immune system. Focus on healthy foods that make you feel good and stay hydrated.

If necessary, consider supplementing with vitamins and probiotics.  Probiotics help keep your digestive system running smoothly. A good one to check out is Nature’s Bounty® Ultra Strength Probiotic10. It provides advanced support for optimal digestive balance and healthy immune function* through 20 billion live probiotic cultures, at time of manufacturing, and 10 probiotic strains.


Do some exercise. 

Exercise can have positive effects on both psychological and physical health.  Staying physically active can also help us maintain enough energy to keep up with our kids and live long lives so that we’re there for our children as they grow up. So get moving!  Get outside and go for a walk, hike, run or ride a bike.

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Get some sleep.

Sleep is an important part of good health. The American Heart Association recommends adults get six to eight hours of sleep per night. Not only do you feel much better throughout your day when you get enough sleep but it is also important for your mental and physical health and daily life. There is nothing better than waking up feeling fully rested, awake, in a good mood, and ready to take on the day. If you have difficulty falling asleep, you may want to try something like Nature’s Bounty® Melatonin. It’s not a sleeping pill. Instead, it is a clinically studied ingredient that helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.*


Cuddle up on the couch to read your favorite magazines or binge watch your favorites movies or TV show. Reading and watching movies can be a wonderful escape. All it takes is a good plot and some decent character to convince someone to leave behind all of their problems and to worry about the characters and their problems instead.  If you binge watch on an iPad like I do, be sure to take a supplement like Nature’s Bounty® Lutein Blue. It’s an eye health supplement that helps filter damaging blue light from electronic devices.*

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Tips For Developing Your Own Self Care Plan

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