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3 Tips For Protecting Your Child From Drugs

Just say no to drugs sign - ©rnl - Fotolia.comWell, we certainly live in a world that is filled with evil.  As parents, from the first day that our children come into the world, we immediately want to shelter them from all the dangers and evils that the world has to offer.  As children grow up, they face new evils and obstacles along the way.  At a certain point they will face the peer pressure to use drugs.  For any parent to imagine their child using drugs is extremely painful, so what can we as parents do to help ensure that our kids stay away from drugs?

Here a few things that, as a parent, I strongly encourage:

Have Regular Deep Conversations With Your Children

There is talking, and then there is talking.  Continually striving to draw out the hearts, so to speak, of our children is one way that we can not only encourage them to communicate with us, but it also trains them to speak to us about the most serious matters in their lives.  If a child has been encouraged to use drugs or is even thinking about using drugs, they will be less likely to communicate that with their parents if only a superficial relationship exists.

Closely Monitor Their Friendships

I feel that it is imperative that we closely monitor who are children associate with.  Friends tend to have a large amount of influence over one another, so you want to ensure that the kind of influence that your child is receiving is the kind that is positive.  I realize that it can be difficult to tell, and this is even more of a reason why you need to have that strong relationship with your child.

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Consider implementing Drug Tests

While drug testing children is somewhat of a controversial issue, many parents have decided to randomly drug test their kids.  While some feel that this damages the trust between parents and their children, others feel that this is the only way that parents can know for sure whether or not their child is using drugs.

In closing, it is our God-given responsibility as parents to protect our children, and as long as we are moving in that direction, we are doing the right thing.  Letting you children know from day one that you love them, and instilling in them that they can tell you anything without being judged or ridiculed will help keep those lines of communication not only open but deep, and this will promote conversations that will give you a view of what is going on in their mind, in their heart, and in their life.

Brandon Jones enjoys writing about drug use prevention.

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