Tips on How To Dress Your Kids Up For Special Occasions

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At first thought, fashion and children don’t really seem to go together. And while that may have been truer in the past, fashionable and practical clothing lines for kids like OshKosh B’gosh have made it so much easier to dress your kids up. I can’t imagine paying outrageous amounts of money for kids’ clothing. Thankfully, there are certain go-to sources for finding kids’ clothing that is reasonably priced, fashionable, and practical.

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Plan that Special Outfit Ahead of Time

When it comes time to dress your kids up for special occasions like a get-together, weddings or the holidays, think ahead. Sometimes, it can help to look at a few kids’ clothing sites or blogs with photos to find a certain look you like, and of course, one you think your child will like as well.

My son is pretty picky when it comes to kids fashion, so I definitely consult with him before I buy any clothing for him. He has what I would call a casual Friday type of style when it comes to dressing up. He’s okay with wearing a nice dress shirt,  slacks and dress shoes,  but lately, he’s refused to tuck in his shirts. And don’t even think about getting him to wear a tie. It’s just not going to happen!

It’s also a good idea to look through your children’s closet before hitting the mall to see what they are in need of. Often, they already have a few key clothing ingredients and may just need another piece or two to tie it all together. In this case, my son needed a fall jacket. Once you have taken inventory, head to your local OshKosh B’gosh store to fill in those outfit gaps. Luckily, this line of clothing takes a lot of the guesswork out of quality, practicality, affordability, and fashion are all present and accounted for in the clothes.

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Practical Outfit Details

Once your child has their outfit choice planned, think about any practical issues that may come up at the said special occasion. The outfit will have to be age-appropriate as well as look nice. For younger children, if diaper changes are part of the mix, go for pieces that easily open at the bottom. If your child has a seething hatred for buttons, make it easier on yourself, avoid those tantrums, and go for something with a zipper or pullover. Also, think about the color. If spills are a likely occurrence, avoid whites and light colors that will just show everything. Chances are, especially at the baby/toddler age, those spills are likely to happen pretty much as soon as you arrive at the event. Also, ask yourself if pictures will be taken, and if so, are there certain colors that will stand out or look better in a photo.

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We all know what hard work parenting is. Those of us who have been at it for a while, have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the details a little simpler. Having a classic go-to clothing line for finding that perfect outfit for that special occasion, like OshKosh B’gosh, removes a lot of that last-minute stress. Planning ahead to get some outfit ideas and taking stock of items already in the closet are also great first steps to take when it comes time to dress your kids up. Find your nearest store here and take advantage of the coupon I’ve listed below.


Tips on How To Dress Your Kids Up For Special Occasions

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Tips on How To Dress Your Kids Up For Special Occasions

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