Food Ideas For Your Game Day Party

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Are you gearing up for the big game? Games are a great way to bring people together. The joy of watching a game together whether your time is playing or not is a joyful and unforgettable moment. The number one requirement for any type of get-together is food, of course. So if you are hosting a game day party, here are some tips to help you get ready for the big day.


Always keep some pasta sauce in your pantry.

Pasta is relatively quick and easy to prepare. It’s even easier when you use RAGÚ ® Double Cheddar Sauce & RAGÚ ® Old World Style Traditional Sauce. I really love RAGÚ ® Old World Style Traditional Sauce because it contains two vegetable servings in every half cup of the sauce. It is made with fresh tomatoes which are vine ripened. The sauce is smooth and flavorful yet classic. It’s not only for pasta though. You can use it as a dip for things like mozzarella sticks, fresh cut-up vegetables, and these shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches.

The cheddar sauce features a kick of flavor from the southwest. It includes Romano cheese, Parmesan, and Cheddar. I had no idea there was a cheesy RAGÚ® sauce. It’s perfect for pasta dishes like this southwest mac-and-cheese recipe, but it can also be used as a dip for chips.

I made a simple pasta dish featuring both of the sauces. I had only intended on using just one of the sauces, but my son asked me if I could mix them.  I gladly abided and added about a half jar of each sauce to the prepared pasta. The combination of flavors was incredible! Your guests will love it!

 Pasta made with a combination of RAGÚ Double Cheddar Sauce and Old World Style Traditional Sauce

Don’t forget the chips!

Chips are the perfect savory snack when watching a game and Garden of Eatin’® chips are the best.  They are available in three different flavors, namely, Corn Chips with Sea Salt, Corn Chips BBQ Black Bean, and Blue Corn Chips with Sea Salt. it’s a great organic corn chip made with quality NON-GMO ingredients. My family loves the Blue Corn Chips with Sea Salt. They’ve got a great texture and crunch and they aren’t overly salty.

Get 75 cents off any one variety here: Garden of Eatin® Organic Corn Chips coupon


Use an air fryer

Let’s face it, so many game day staples are fried greasy foods.  Give your guests a healthier option by using an air fryer like the new Midea MFTN3501 Air Fryer. This air fryer is awesome. It makes fried foods without having to use a lot of oil.  Plus, it has a timer so you can set it without having to babysit it. Food that is fried using an fryer typically contains eighty percent less fat than if the food was deep fried. Although the fat content is reduced, the delicious taste of fried food remains. To power the machine, it uses 1500 watts of air that has been superheated. The heated air circulates in the chamber to fry the foods. It is important to note that some items will require a little oil, typically about 1/2 teaspoon The machine is perfect for making delicacies such as French fries, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks. I used it to make fried sweet plantains. They came out perfect! Plus afterward, there was no lingering friend food odor. The air fryer is not just frying food. It can also be used to bake, grill and roast foods. I found the cooking process to be easy and less time-consuming.

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Add some BIG AZ Sandwiches to your spread

The best thing about these BIG AZ sandwiches is that they’re big! They’re also tasty too! They are perfect for a hungry crowd. The sandwiches are sold in convenience stores nationwide. They have four breakfast and nine lunch sandwiches which are perfect for a quick, easy and filling meal during the game day party. Their Sriracha Chicken Sandwich with cheese has a tangy, spicy taste that will add a kick of flavor to any meal. You can find them in convenience stores (store finder here) in the sandwich warmers or refrigerator section.

Make a cheese platter

Cheese is a delicacy on its own, but when it’s mixed with other ingredients, your guests will be wowed.  Formaggio Italian cheeses can help you serve up wonderful appetizers.  Formaggio’s fresh Marinated Mozzarella Salad Cup salad cup consists of fresh mozzarella mixed in with appetizing spices and herbs. This deliciously marinated mozzarella can be consumed as it is or mixed with tomatoes to come up with a caprese salad or skewers.

Formaggio’s artisan wraps also make great appetizers. They consist of Italian style meats wrapped around a fresh creamy finger length piece of fresh mozzarella. It is best to serve them at room temperature. Both products can be found at Sam’s Club and Costco.

Bring out the condiments

When regular condiments won’t cut it, consider trying out Smoked Applewood Molasses BBQ Sauce and Smoky Ketchup from RED Duck Foods. Their BBQ sauce tastes better than traditional sauces. It is made using whole ingredients without any preservatives, stabilizers or artificial coloring. Its perfect sweetness makes it suitable for pizza, BBQ wings, and breakfast hashes.


Because the smoky ketchup is The smoky ketchup is lower in sugar & sodium than it’s counterparts, it’s the perfect addition to add to recipes such as soups, chilies or any recipes that include tomato paste as an ingredient.

Try it out and get 25% off your order through 2/28/18 by entering code BABBLEBOXX here: Red Duck Foods

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Food Ideas For Your Game Day Party

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