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Trying a New Skin Care Regimen

For the past couple of months I’ve noticed that my skin isn’t looking as fresh and radiant as it used to.  I used to get compliments all the time as to how good my skin looked, but lately, not so much.  Even my sister commented a few weeks ago that my skin was looking kind of dry.  Since then I’ve been thinking about starting a new skin care regimen.

When I got my mini-makeover the other day, the  woman who did my makeup asked me what I used on my skin.  I mentioned that I primarily used drugstore products and she was appalled!  She remarked that since my skin was on the dry side there were 2 product lines that she would recommend.  The first was Avene and the second was Vichy.

Since the condition of my skin has been subpar for a while, I decided that switching to a higher end brand may be just what I need to get my radiant glow back.   I did some research into both products and did a search to see where I could purchase them locally.  I was happy to see that they were both listed on the Ulta beauty website.

For those of you who don’t know, Ulta is somewhat of a mix between Sephora and the beauty section of a drug store. In their stores you’ll find makeup, hair care products, skin care products, nail care products, and accessories.  Thy also have salons in most, if not all of their stores.

I first heard about Ulta from one of the hair boards I frequent.  Most of the women who frequent the hair boards are hair product junkies, myself included.  Ulta always comes up as a store with great discounts and sales.  Plus, Ulta accepts returns on products that have been opened.  So if you buy a product and it just doesn’t work out, you can return it.


I arrived at Ulta and thought I’d be walking out with either products from the Avene line or the Vichy line but it didn’t quite work out like I had planned.  Philip tagged along with me and immediately navigated over to the men’s colognes.

Philip browsing the colognes at Ulta

As we were browsing around, a sales person approached and asked if we needed any help.  I asked her where I could find the Avene or Vichy line of products. She had no clue about either product and asked me how they were spelled.  I was pretty surprised since Ulta carries high end products.  Plus, Vichy is featured on their website, and they state that Avene can be only purchased in their stores.  I mentioned this to the sales person and she replied that all products are not available at all Ulta stores.

I then asked where I could find their skin care products in that particular store.  She directed me to the middle of the store and mentioned that a good skin care line to consider is the Exuviance line.  I thanked her and walked over to the middle of the store so I could see what they had to offer.  Ulta has a wide selection of skin care products availableAs you can see form the pictures above, they carry many different high end skin care lines.

In the aisle where the Exuviance products were featured, a salesperson was busy helping a customer with the line, so I decided to look around and come back to that aisle later.

I walked around and checked out a few other product lines, but found my way back to the Exuviance line.  The salesperson and customer was still there, so I approached a little closer to browse and hear what the salesperson had to say about the line.  I later found out that she was a representative from Exuviance.  The customer she was talking to was an African American woman.  I started asking questions and the customer stated that she had been using the line for about 3 years and that she loved it.  The reason she was there was because she was interested in trying some of their other offerings.  She mentioned that if she ever ran out of the products, she could really see the difference in her skin, so she tried to make sure that she didn’t run out of product.

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I asked the rep which products she thought would work best for someone like me who has dry but sensitive skin. She and immediately recommended a few products form their dry/sensitive skin line.  She recommended the: Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Crème, Exuviance Ultra Restorative Crème and the Exuviance Multi-Protective Day Fluid with SPF 15.  She also mentioned that if I purchased the kit, it would come out a little cheaper than if I purchased the individual items.  I decided I would try it.

This is the Exuvance skin care line at Ulta

The rep then also mentioned that Exuviance also had great foundations  and concealers.  She applied some on the back of my hand and I must say that it blended in so well that it looked like there was no make-up on there.  Plus it didn’t feel heavy on my skin.  It felt really comfortable.

I thanked the rep for her time and continued browsing around because I also wanted to pick up some of my favorite conditioner.  I walked over to the section of the store that houses the hair care products.  I really like the Matrix Biolage line and went looking for it.  They used these products at the salon I used to go to and they always made my hair soft and silky smooth so I continue to use them.  One of the products I use is their Aqua-immersion Crème Masque deep conditioner.  I was running dangerously low and needed to replenish my stash.  Of course Ulta had it in stock so I bought it.

I found a wide range of Matrix Biolage products at Ulta

Philip had wandered off alone and came back with a personal hair trimmer that he wanted to buy.  That’s all we had on our list for today so we made our way over to the cashier and paid for our items.

Be sure to check out all the photos of my Ulta shopping expedition over on Google +. Also, please be sure to check out Ulta on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Of course when I got home, I had to try the Exuviance products out.

This is the Exuviance skin care set I purchased along with the Exuviance brochure

These are the products that are included in the Exuviance skin care kit

I washed my face using the Exuviance gentle cleansing cream.  I know it’s really early to come to any conclusions about the cleansing cream, but I did feel a difference immediately after using it. My skin felt clean and smooth.  That night I used the Ultra Restorative Crème and again, in my opinion my skin appeared softer and smoother the next morning.  I asked Philip what he thought and he thought the same.

I’ll give it a few weeks and then come back with a more accurate review of how the products are working.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias  All opinions are 100% my own.

So do you have a skin care regimen?  Which products do you use?

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  • I have skincare regimen kinda of, depends if I follow it or not. I use Aqua Marina cleanser from Lush in the AM then I follow up with a Toner from Lush and then Celestial Moisturizer w/ Trader Joes Sunblock SPH 15. As for the evening I use either Aqua Marina or Dark Angels then follow up with Origins Overnight Drink up Mask

  • I just recently switched my skin care regimen in the morning and I’ve seen a world of difference. I’m one of those unfortunate women who still gets acne once a month or so, so it’s been really important to find something that combats that without drying my skin completely out.

  • I personally don’t have a skin care regimen, but I should start one especially to control the oiliness of my face. Would love to hear how the new products are working for you.

  • Ohmyheck – I LOVE Ulta!! They have such amazing products, and amazing deals. One of my favorites 🙂

  • The only thing I do is use Clean & Clear Morning Burst each morning and then just wash with water before bed. I rarely wear make-up, so I don’t need anything more than that at this time.

    • I’m not a make-up wearer either. Ok, maybe a little lipstick, but that’s about it.

  • I don’t have a skin care routine either. If you looked into my bathroom cabinet, besides the girly razors, you may think that only men lived here lol! I don’t wear make up, either!

  • I despise skin care routines! I never had one until a couple years ago when I got my head chopped off at a Mary Kay party! LOL But lately my skin has been changing so much. One day it’s super dry, the next super oily! I hate skin care! LOL

    Your Ulta looks huge! I’ve been in one once and it did not look that big! Wow!

  • I am loving the Neutrogena Naturals collection it really has made wonders to my face. I follow their routine. p.s. I am forbidden from going to ulta alone lol i can do some damage lol

    • Ha! Me too. I’m guessing that’s why hubby came along, so he could curb my spending! lol. I’ve heard great things about the Neutrogena Naturals collection.

  • I had no idea they accepted returns on opened product. That definitely gives me more confidence to try new products from them, since I know now that if it doesn’t meet my standards, I can return it to them.

    • Yep. That’s one reason I love Ulta. I’m always trying new products so knowing that I can return them if I don’t like them works out well for me.

  • I am using OLAY cream total effects to fight skin aging. Nothing more because I have sensitive skin and I afraid to have harmful effects after using anything. I do avocado mask once a week to release dead cells. I am contented on my natural alternative remedy as skin care at home.

  • Use a sponge to help apply sunscreen to your face. Sunscreen is a vital component of any skin care regimen, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Using a sponge helps the sunscreen to absorb faster into your skin, reducing that uncomfortable oily feeling. Faster absorption also means that the sunscreen won’t pick up dust and dirt from the air.