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Trying To Stay Healthy With Natural Plant-Based and Non-GMO Supplements

Every time I turn on the TV right now, I am overloaded with commercials for back to school shopping. It is on everyone’s mind right now. The stores are so crowded on the weekends with families trying to get all the supplies needed. Families are trying their best to purchase everything that their child might need to be successful in school.

However, I feel that many of us overlook something so important. Back to school also means that our children will be interacting with each other and sharing many things including germs. Many of my friends that are teachers dread the first few weeks because they know they will get sick because their immune systems are not ready for the germ overload. Because of this, I have Z.E.N. taking vitamins and other supplements to keep him healthy.

I recently discovered Erba Vita. Erba Vita Products offers a great product line that can help with many different issues. These products are natural plant-based and non-GMO supplements.

erba vita supplements

I think the Immun Kids is a great product and should be an essential for back to school shopping. This product helps support healthy immune systems so that kids are better prepared to go back to school. It is so important to me that my son stays healthy so that he can be at school every day. Missing any days of school can put children behind.

The Erba Vita Kids Line also offers supplements to help with intestinal function, gas, sleep, and a healthy respiratory tract. All of the supplements are alcohol free and vegetarian products so you know that you are giving your child quality products.

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Erba vita also has supplements for adults. Last winter, I somehow got the flu. When I finally dragged myself to the doctor, I was advised that I had waited too long to come in and that they couldn’t prescribe Tamiflu at that point. I had to fight it off naturally and let me tell you, it was no fun, but at the same time, I hate taking prescription medicine, so although it was tough, it was ok. This year, I am doing my best to naturally build up my immune system. I never want to come down with the flu ever again!

How do you keep your family healthy during cold and flu season?

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