The Ubooly Interactive Plush Toy is Lots of Fun

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Technology has brought us great gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, laptops, notebooks, and so much more.  That opens up a wide world of new toys to share with our children. Educational and “just for fun” technological toys are everywhere.

We recently had the chance to review the UboolyPhoto Jun 10, 9 15 43 AMIt’s a great new toy that works with your smartphone, and adapts to your child.  There are hundreds of games to choose from, and it is completely customizable.

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Each Ubooly talks to your child, and if you have more than one, they’ll even talk to, and play with each other.  You can customize your child’s Ubooly from your computer via the Ubooly Lab where you will find over 20 interactive lessons that have been designed by teachers, so while your child thinks they’re just having fun, they’re actually learning.


The lesson packs are 30 minute activities that your child can do 5 days a week and that you can monitor. Plus, the Ubooly site will update you on their progress.

The Ubooly’s are only available in orange right now, but they plan on making them in pink and green as well.  You can order the latter two colors soon.

To set up your Ubooly, just insert your smartphone or iPod touch into the toy, and like magic, your Ubooly comes to life.   You set up your child’s toy to let it know what your child’s favorite things are: Colors, foods, activities, and your Ubooly will instantly love them, too.  It talks and listens to everything your child has to say.  The Ubooly reads to your child, plays interactive games, and even has some great jokes to share with your child.

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You can order your own Ubooly from their website, and it will be shipped right to your house.  The Ubooly would make a great birthday, Christmas, or reward gift for any child you know.

You can learn more about Ubooly by visiting their website, Twitter page or Facebook page

Have you tried the Ubooly yet?  If so, what did you think?

Disclosure: I was provided a product in exchange for this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. #UboolyLab

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The Ubooly Interactive Plush Toy is Lots of Fun

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