Ultimate Ears Speakers For Ultimate Parties

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Few things get backyard parties swinging more than some hopping tunes, but those tunes only sound as good as the speakers they are played through. For some extra summer fun, include the Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST wireless speaker and BLAST portable speaker in your next backyard shindig. The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and Ultimate Ears BLAST are the brand’s newest speakers in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart-speaker range. These state-of-the-art speakers are portable, wireless, have Amazon Alexa built-in, and deliver 360-degree sound.


Ultimate Ears’ Speakers

The MEGABLAST and BLAST speakers give listeners the ultimate music experience. They are regarded as the best-sounding speakers on the market offering the loudest and crispest sound around. The speakers are transported with ease as they are battery-powered. With a maximum sound pressure at 93 DBC, the MEGABLAST holds the title of the loudest Ultimate Ears speaker. The BLAST speaker is even more portable than the MEGABLAST as it is smaller and slimmer, while still offering listeners the full sound experience of 360-degree sound quality.

New MEGABLAST and BLAST Features

Enhanced Controls

The Ultimate Ears app allows for volume control remotely and through Alexa. Battery status can be easily checked through the app or by pressing the ‘+/-‘ volume buttons on the speaker at the same time. Sound can even be customized to suit the artist or type of music via the custom equalizer.

Voice Control

Voice control features are trending moving into 2018, and Ultimate Ears is on track with the MEGABLAST and BLAST capabilities to play music through Alexa, Spotify, or several other music services.

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Spotify Connect Capabilities

The MEGABLAST and BLAST speakers are the first, from Ultimate Ears, to work with Spotify Connect. All you need is Wi-Fi to open the Spotify App and play music right through the Ultimate Ears speakers.



Smart Speakers

Coming soon, MEGABLAST and BLAST speakers will soon be able to be grouped, up to eight, on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Connecting two BLAST or MEGABLAST speakers enables stereo mode and with the built-in Wi-Fi function, grouped speakers have a greater range and improved connectivity. Grouping is anticipated to arrive later in the year.

If you are planning on playing DJ this summer, consider integrating the Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and BLAST wireless speakers into your music strategy. A party is only as good as the tunes, and with these portable, 360-degree immersive and crisp sound capabilities, playing DJ has never been easier. The MEGABLAST offers the loudest Ultimate Ears speaker capability making it the perfect choice for backyard parties that want to pump the tunes all night long. The battery status of the speakers can be easily monitored through the app or by pressing the volume buttons so there are no unexpected music


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Ultimate Ears Speakers For Ultimate Parties

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