Upgrade Your Cooler Game with the Otterbox Venture Cooler

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When I hear the name OtterBox, I automatically think of cell phone cases. They are renowned for making some of the sturdiest phone cases available. But I just discovered that they have come out with a new line of outdoor gear. Their new Venture line of coolers is available with a slew of nifty cooler accessories. I wish I knew about this before our trip to Lake George as this would have been ideal for our camping trip. I can see many other uses though including tailgating, entertaining guests at home, or just hanging out in the backyard.

Otterbox 45 Quart Venture Cooler

The OtterBox Venture Cooler is different from any other cooler I’ve seen. First off, it’s incredibly sturdy.  It’s been drop-tested for toughness on every corner and edge.  It has been proven to remain intact both when empty and full. They are certified bear-resistant which means that this tank will endure pretty much anything you could ever subject it to.

It’s also remarkable for its primary job, which is to keep things cool.  However, it goes beyond its primary responsibility by keeping ice cold for as long as 14 days! Additionally, it is quite roomy. It is available in three sizes 25, 45, and 65 quarts, therefore, you will be able to fit just about anything you could conceivably need for your outdoor adventures. The one pictured above is the Venture 45-Quart Cooler.

What really stands out about this cooler is the fact that it can be customized to suit your needs. They have separators (sold separately) that are ideal for those who would like to create separate compartments inside of the cooler. You can keep dry and soft items separate using the separator. You can also create compartments that keep your meat, veggies, and beverages apart. OtterBox has also released a line of compatible accessories that integrate seamlessly. The top rim allows accessories such as the storage tray and cutting board to rest on the inside to maximize convenience and to provide additional functions of a mini kitchen. Other accessories include a side table, double cup holders, a bottle opener, and a drybox clip.

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Otterbox bottle opener

The OtterBox Drybox will help keep important things like your wallet, smartphone and keys dry and secure.

OtterBox Drybox

The double cup holder fits all the Venture coolers. It’s very useful because it will keep your keep your bottles, cans, red cups and Elevation tumblers off of the ground and out of the dirt.  It can hold up to 2 Elevation tumblers, 2 red cups, 2 bottles, 2 cans or a combo of your choice. Speaking of tumblers, Elevation tumblers are 100% stainless steel with an internal copper lining. These rugged tumblers keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. They are designed with a modular lid system that allows you to adapt your tumbler to every situation turns your new favorite tumbler into so much more. The colorful tumbler sleeve provides a comfortable grip and added protection.

OtterBox double cup holder and Elevation Tumbler

Here is a handy list of some more really cool OtterBox Venture features:

• Anti-slide rubber feet that keep the cooler from sliding around
• User-friendly and sturdy latches that securely snap closed and are not in the way when you open the cooler.  With this design, the cooler can be easily opened and closed with one hand
• With a range of durable cooler accessories, they provide a customizable experience.  The accessories include cup holders, a bottle opener, cutting board, dry storage tray, drybox clip and side table
• Slanted interior bottom to facilitate effortless draining
• Hard-wearing integrated handles that provide a stable, comfortable carry and double as tie-down anchors
• You can create custom compartments with the built-in organization slots
• Even when fully loaded, the cutting board, interior nesting grooves and storage tray can rest on the inner rim
• Each of the cooler is true to size; for example, the Venture 45-Quart Cooler offers 45 quarts of internal capacity
• They are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty from OtterBox

Want to get one of your very own? You can find it at Best Buy.

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Upgrade Your Cooler Game with the Otterbox Venture Cooler

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