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VLogTalk – How I Met My Husband

For this weeks vlog watch as I tell the cute story about how I met my husband.



This week’s VlogTalk prompts were:

1.) A toy your child(ren) play with that drives you up the wall and why.

2.) Your favorite meal.

3.) How you met your spouse/significant other (inspired by A Mommy in the City)

If you do prompt 3 you can also link it up with Project Marriage like I did.

The weekly #VlogTalk Twitter chat is Tuesday June 7th from 6pm to 7pm PST.

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    • This August will make it 7 years. Thanks for watching. I’m still trying to get my confidence up with doing these vlogs.

  • Oh man, you really did play hard to get with him. Good thing he was persistent in calling you.

    Thanks for joining us! Your vlog was great.

  • Look at you playing hard to get! Great story! I saw you said your anniversary is August… Which date? Mine is 8/16, so I was curious 🙂

    • Thanks! My anniversary is just a few days before yours, on 8/14. I’ll have to make a note to remember to wish you a happy anniversary.

  • WOW. SIX months!! That’s awesome. This is a great story – you guys really developed a connection before going out. Very interesting.

    I’m wondering how this compared to how you met guys before your husband (and how he met girls before you) and what you think made this relationship *stand out* among the rest for both of you?

    • Well before meeting my hubby, I had gone out with guys I had met at school, and 1 that I had met in a club. We would go out on dates, etc.. pretty much a normal dating relationship. With my husband, 1 – I wasn’t looking to be in a relationship at that time, so I guess that’s why I never made the real push to go out on a date, etc… until later. We took the getting to know you part to a whole other level and I think that made it the relationship it is today.

  • That is SO cool that you had a phone relationship first, to really get to know each other. I love that!

    • Yeah, by the time we finally met face to face, we pretty much knew everything about each other.

  • I love your story. Love it.
    It screams “IT WAS MEANT TO BE”.
    6 months of phone dating is a long time. Hope you vlog again to tell us about your first real life meeting!!

  • You were totally set up! My question is, is hubs that persistent about everything or did he just ‘have a feeling’ about you? Great story.

    • Both. He is pretty persistent, but I think he also truly trusted the judgment of our mutual friend and he decided to go for it!

  • What a great story! That’s awesome you only dated for 6 months (officially) and have been married 7 years. Must be true love 🙂

  • Your love story is really cute. Six months of phone dating, that’s very interesting. I can’t imagine your relationship work out through phone conversation.

    • Yeah, I guess she really thought we would be compatible. We are forever grateful to her! 🙂