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Warm Up Winter With Asian Noodle Soups

Most people who know me really well know how much I hate winter.  I hate the cold.  This year in particular has been colder than normal.  Because of this hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate are staples in my household especially during the winter months.

We also drink a lot of soup.  Philip is an expert at creating homemade soups from scratch and tends to make a big post of soup almost every week.  Of course there are weeks when he just doesn’t have the time to make soup from scratch.  For these occasions, we usually have a stock pile of different soup bowls on hand.

We’ve tried lots of different varieties of soup bowls over the years, and was very interested in trying the new Asian Meals Noodle Soups.  I really wanted to try them because we love just about all Asian foods, and these particular soups are listed as being all natural.

They do not contain any of the following:

  • MSG
  • preservatives
  • artificial colors
  • 3-MCPD

They are also non-GMO.

Z.E.N. and I spent the day in NYC on Sunday, visiting a friend.  Sunday was a super cold day, and knowing that there was a Duane Reade up the block from my friend’s apartment building, my plan  was to stop in to pick up a few of the Asian Meals Noodle soup bowls on my way home.  I thought that having soup would be a nice way to warm up when we got home.  Unfortunately, they only had one flavor at the Duane Reade I visited so no soup for me that night 🙂 .  No worries, hot chocolate did the trick!

The next day, Z.E.N. and I ventured out again in search of the soup bowls.  We drove to one of the Duane Reade stores in Staten Island, and when we arrived, went straight to the food aisle.

Asian meals Malaysian Noodle Soup bowls

The soup bowls were available in three flavors, Garlic Sesame, Shitake Mushroom  and Lemongrass.  We purchased all three flavors and couldn’t wait to try them out.

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Everything you need for a warm filling meal is included in the package.  The package includes a microwaveable bowl, noodles, a soup base and dehydrated vegetables.

Asian meals Malaysian Noodle Soup bowl contents

Asian meals Malaysian Noodle Soup bowl contents 2

These soup bowls are very easy and quick to make.  There is a microwave version and a non-microwave version.  I opted for the non-microwave version because I am not fond of heating up plastic in the microwave.

To make the soup using the non-microwave method, you simply have to empty the noodles, soup base and vegetables into the bowl provided.

preparing the Asian Meals Malaysian noodle soup bowl

Then add boiling water, cover and let stand for 4 minutes.  See, easy peasy!

Final step, just add water and let it stand for 4 minutes

Here is the finished product.

Finished bowl of Asian Meals Malaysian Lemongrass Noodle soup.

I opted to try the Lemongrass flavor first. Overall, it tasted really good, but I was surprised to find that it was pretty spicy.  Z.E.N. would definitely not be able to eat this flavor, so take not if you were planning on serving this flavor to kids.

Here I am eating the yummy Asian Meals Malaysian Noodle Soup bowl

This week I plan to venture out to the city again to check out the Malaysia Kitchen Winter Market this Wednesday–Thursday, February 20 and 21 at Bryant Park! They will be offering samples of the Asian Meals Malaysian Soup Noodles and will be handing out coupons to buy their products. In addition, restaurants like Fatty Crab, Laut and Nyonya will be selling signature Malaysian street food for $3 to $8.  There will also be chef demonstrations and authentic Malaysian dance troupe performances will take place daily. Full details are available here.

Make sure to stop by too if you’re in the area!

For more photos of my shopping trip, check out my Google + photo album.

For the latest on Duane Reade please be sure to check out Duane Reade on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  • Hi Diane,

    I wish I was in New York to go to the Malaysia Kitchen Winter Market tomorrow! That sounds fantastic! I am such a foodie but dragging five kids to events like that are nearly impossible. I am looking forward to you posting an update on the event. I’d love to see how it turned out and what you thought. (I can live vicariously through you for now).

    Have fun,

    Drive Me Crazy Family Adventure

  • Yum! I need these to keep on hand for those nights where I don’t have anything planned for dinner. This looks so delicious!

  • I LOVE that these don’t have MSG in them. Almost everything has MSG in it! HA!

    That said, you had me at Lemongrass. I LOVE lemongrass. I think it is one of the most delicious herbs on the planet and anything made with Lemongrass tops my list.

    This is a great alternative to those packaged noodles made with Styrofoam ingredients!

    • I know right. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that they didn’t have MSG in and I agree on these being better than the ones in styrofoam.

  • That soup look amazing! I’m going to have to keep my eyes out for it the next time I’m out. Have a great time at the Malaysian Kitchen Winter Market!

  • I may live in AZ but hey it gets chilly here at night , will have to keep my eyes peeled for this at the market next time I am shopping cuz it looks delish !!

  • I think my family would be of different minds about the Lemongrass noodle soup. My daughter and I would probably love it, but my husband and son would probably prefer the mushroom. Whatever the flavor, as I am also not a fan of cold weather, sound like a great easy warm dish, especially for this time of year!

    • Interesting Terri. Philip hates mushrooms, but Z.E.N. Picked out the mushroom flavor for himself. Agreed. It’s perfect this time of year.

  • I’m not a fan of cold weather either. It’s very rare that I eat soup, but I think I would have tried the Lemongrass or garlic one.