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A New Way To Build Self Esteem

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The Dove Movement for Self Esteem is an initiative that aims at supporting positive self esteem among girls and women as a way of enabling them to exploit their full potential in the society. This initiative was founded for girls and women to learn the true definition of beauty and make them be proud of themselves. Ever since its launch, this initiative has attracted over 4.8 million girls in the world seeking to learn more from it. Earlier this month I shared my own personal self esteem story, I think the message is so important that I just needed to share it again.

The initiative acknowledges the fact that every girl in the world has a potential in a particular field but it all depends on how the potential is being utilized. According to statistics, 70% of girls normally lose hope with life the moment they start feeling odd about their looks.

This is when they start evading classes or even fail to express their opinion in public. This feeling may hide the full potential of that particular girl thus hindering her ambitions to become the future leader, role model and so on. This movement believes that beauty should be used to portray confidence and this is the major reason the initiative unites the most influential women in the nation as strong role models in conjunction with girls’ organizations to establish the Dove Movement for Self Esteem.

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The role of women in building a girls’ self esteem

This initiative focuses on women as the best way of approaching a girl and educating her about the importance of appreciating her looks and exploring her full potential. On that note, different steps are used to enable successful and influential women to interact with young girls and educate them about how to build self esteem. Such methods include;

  • Simply encouraging a girl to be proud of herself
  • Spending time with that particular girl to educate her about self esteem and its importance on her life
  • Supporting self esteem projects in the girls’ hometown
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According to a global study carried out in 2011 by Dove® it was discovered that only a shocking 4% of women in the world acknowledge that they are beautiful. It also revealed that 72% of girls are normally under high pressure to find the possible ways of looking beautiful and only 11% of them feel beautiful. Thanks to the introduction of the Dove Self Esteem Wall, women and girls can now share ideas about the definition of beauty, how to enhance self esteem and finally, how to utilize their full potential.


Do you know anyone that has low self-esteem?  What have you done to help them?

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  • Thanks so much for sharing this. My passion is helping girls raise their self esteem. It’s so important they know how awesome they are.

  • I absolutely love this campaign that Dove has put together. It is so very true that a young girl is in great need of others to help her understand what beauty is, and that she does possess it! too much of the world is focusing on looks and not seeing that beauty is more than just how skinny you are.

  • With so many negative messages out there, I’m glad to see a company like Dove putting something positive out there. Dove rocks!

  • I think we all know a girl or a boy whose self esteem is challenged right now. I know that I do. Sometimes its hard to see that because they portray something other than what they really feel, but the mask comes down if you pay close attention. I hope that my reassurance and love is enough to rebuild that esteem in the lives of the young girls and boys I know who need that sustenance. I admire Dove for what they are doing. I wish it touched the lives of the children I see every day.

  • SO many people have low self esteem, it seems. I think it is a difficult balance for parents and others around children to be able to make them feel good about themselves but making sure that it’s because of their accomplishments, personality, morality, etc and not “surface” things. A lot of people think that to build a girls self esteem you should just tell her shes pretty etc but its so much more than that.

  • This is really great and I’m sure girls everywhere appreciate you sharing this. I’m right there with you and Dove. Every girl should have high self-esteem and confidence. I’m glad there’s an initiative like this out there.

  • Find someone already confident in the area of expertise you need and watch how they do it. Look for successful “role models” that you can pattern yourself after. Find someone who has conquered what you fear and learn from their experience.Counselling can help build self esteem and confidence by transforming negative self-talk and learning to manage the steps towards change. Developing a more optimistic attitude and building self confidence can repair our self esteem.Nice article

    Thanks for sharing it.