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A Weekend Getaway to Cove Haven Resorts

clip_image001Like many parents, our relationship changed a lot when Z.E.N was born.  It’s not something that was planned, it just happened. I sometimes miss the impulsive and romantic moments we once shared.  So when I was given an opportunity to preview the Month of Love promotion at Cove Haven Resorts , I was ecstatic.  We both love to travel, and a quick  romantic getaway would be a great way to give our relationship a much needed round of attention.

The Cove Haven Resorts is a couples only resorts located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  It was founded back in 1958 and since then has grown tremendously.  It is an all-inclusive resort and daily complimentary breakfast and dinner as well as a wide array of activities and live entertainment each evening is included in the pricing.

It is easy to think about getting away from it all with your spouse. It is not so easy to actually get away when you have kids. Luckily for us, Philip’s mom lives about 10 minutes away from us and was more than happy to babysit for us.  If you’re thinking about taking a little romantic getaway and grandparents cannot help, you may have siblings, other family members or even friends who can take care of your kids while you get away.

Two days before our planned weekend getaway,  Z.E.N. woke up with the sniffles.  He was feeling miserable.  I kept him home from school and took him to see his pediatrician.  He had some sort of nasal blockage and was prescribed a myriad of medications including an inhaler.  Now, I was really looking forward to getting away, but was a little nervous about leaving Z.E.N. with his grandma for the weekend, so I was thinking about cancelling the trip.  I knew, however, that my mother in law would take good care of Z.E.N. so I decided that we should go ahead with our plans.

That Friday afternoon, we headed up to Cove Haven Resorts.  The drive was pretty smooth for the most part, however when we were about 30 minutes away, we wound up driving down a dark country road.  Although we were relying on our GPS, we both wondered if we were headed in the right direction because we didn’t see any signage indicating that we were headed in the right direction.  The road was dark and winding so we had to use our high beams to see.  Finally we saw a sign for Cove Haven and knew we were headed in the right direction and within minutes we pulled into the lobby.

Checking in was a pleasant experience.  I was greeted with this cuddly little fella which made me smile!

Cove Haven Resorts month of love teddy bear

In fact, all guests who stay at Cove Haven during the Month of Love will receive a similar cuddly little teddy bear.

After checking in we headed to our room to drop off our luggage, but ran into a little problem.  Our keys would not open the door!  I called the front desk and within minutes someone came over to assist us and gave us new keys.  Good thing because it was really cold out that night!

We took a few minutes to check out the suite.  We were staying in a Champagne tower suite which was sweeet!  LOL!   Our room featured a 7-foot-tall Champagne Glass Whirlpool Bath-for-Two, a heart shaped indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a steam shower, a fireplace and a round “blush bed.” We were greeted to rose petals everywhere and were pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of sparkling wine  and a box of chocolates.

sparkling wine

The suite is pretty large.  There are three floors.  When you first enter the suite you walk into what I would refer to as a  living room area. There is a fireplace in the living room area.  To the left of the living room is a door which leads to the indoor heart shaped pool.  To the right of the pool are stairs which lead down to the massage room and sauna.

cove haven resorts champagne tower

cove haven resorts fireplace

cove haven resorts indoor swimming pool

Upstairs  you will find the bedroom and bathroom.

cove haven resorts bedroom - round blush bed

The bedroom features a round king-sized bed.  There is also a mirrored starlight ceiling.   Within the bedroom area, there is a flat screen television and Bose Wave radio.  I wasn’t sure if the round bed would be comfortable, but it was.  It’s a king size bed so it was roomy and comfortable!

The bathroom features his and her sinks, a shower for two which doubles as a steam room, the entrance to the Jacuzzi and the toilet.  The toilet is in it’s own room. The mini fridge is also in the bathroom which I thought was kind of weird, but it was off to the side near the entrance.

cove haven resorts dual sink bathroom

cove haven resorts steam shower for 2

After settling in, we headed out to dinner.  The resort is pretty big so shuttle service is offered throughout the resort.  All you have to do is call and they will come pick you up and drop you off wherever you need to go.  Nevertheless, we wound up driving our car around the resort.

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When we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated quickly.  I noticed that they were seating more than one couple to a table, so I asked for a table for two and was accommodated.  Not sure what the reasoning is for seating couples with strangers, but for me, the reason behind taking a weekend getaway with my husband is exactly that.  I want to spend time alone with my hubby and don’t want to spend time making small talk with strangers!

The dinner that evening was Fat Paulie’s Festa Italiano.   Italian food!  It was served buffet style and was pretty good.  That night they also had a chocolate fountain, yum!

Although there was entertainment that night in the nightclub, After dinner we headed back to our suite.  Phil works weird hours and had come home from work at 8:00 that morning and had not yet gotten any sleep so he was beat.

The following morning, we headed out for breakfast.

Me outside our suite. Look at the mountains in the distance!

Again, breakfast was served buffet style.  They had lots of choices including fluffy French toast, eggs, hash browns, bacon and lox.  Breakfast was good!

After breakfast we took some time to explore the resort.  While we were walking around, we saw a beautiful horse drawn carriage.

horse drawn carriage at cove haven resorts

The resort offers horse drawn carriage rides.  We were tempted to take a ride, but it was kind of cold so we quickly dismissed that idea.

We wound up going into Morris and Obie’s Café.  There is a game room below the café which features a basketball court, roller skating, archery, a video arcade, and billiards room.

cafe at cove haven resorts

indoor basketball court at cove haven resorts

billiards room at cove haven resorts

We had a blast playing air hockey and foosball.  Philip also enjoyed playing the motorcycle video game.

games at cove haven resorts

Phil enjoying a motorcycle vidoe game at cove haven resorts

Later on that night we headed over to the night club for a preview of Cove Haven’s “Liquid Libations.” We sampled a Peach Sangria.  There were real slices of peach in it and it was yummy!

Yummy peach Sangria at cove haven resorts

Afterwards we headed to dinner.  Saturday was “Strip Night” and we enjoyed a strip steak dinner.  On this particular night, dinner was served waiter style.  We were handed a menu and were served by a waiter.  Again the food was great!

Later on that night, there was a show in the nightclub. The main attraction was a comedy show.  Prior to the comedy show beginning there was a band performing.  We had planned on staying the whole night but I started getting the sniffles so we only stayed for a little while. This was to be our last night at Cove Haven so we did take advantage of the Whirlpool Bath and pool.

The following morning at breakfast, we had to wait a while before being seated because we wanted a table for two.  The wait was not long so it wasn’t a big deal.

After breakfast we checked out and headed back home. Sad smile  We truly enjoyed our stay and were sad to leave.  We can’t wait to return!

Taking a parents getaway is absolutely necessary if you and your spouse want to make sure that the relationship which produced your children stays intact while you are raising them. Some parents wait until the kids are grown up to renew their vows or spend time with one another. That is too long to wait. Schedule a romantic getaway as soon as you can.

As a matter of fact, Cove Haven Resorts will be celebrating the Month of love everyday in February when everyday is Valentine’s Day!

Here is a list of things that you can do at Cove Haven Resorts from A-Z:

A – Do some Archery

B – Play Billiards, Bocce Ball And Bingo

C – Don’t miss the Chocolate Fantasy Buffet

D – Attend a “Dances of Passion” mini class

E – Eat

F – Feed the Deer

G – Play Mini-Golf

H – Take a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

I – Go Ice Skating

J – Enjoy the Jacuzzi

K – Kiss your partner

L – Try some Liquid Libations

M – Enjoy a Couples Touch-Point Massage

N – Go to the Night Club

P – Have your Photo taken

Q – Spend some Quiet time with your partner

R – Relax

S – Take a Steam Shower

T – Play Tennis

U – Have an Unforgettable time

V – Enjoy the View of Lake Wallenpaupack

W – Whisper sweet nothings into your sweetie’s ear


Y – Enjoy a Yummy treat

Z – Wear a Zingy outfit

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Disclaimer: We received a complimentary stay at Cove Haven Resorts. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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