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Why You Need To Try Vitalicious

Vitalicious Banana Nut VitatopHave you heard about Vitalicious? If you have not tried Vitalicious baked goods, you are seriously missing out! This company offers a variety of products that will soon be amongst your favorites.

I recently heard about this company about 2 months ago when my twitter friend @Chiefbetsy tweeted about them. Intrigued, I asked her for more info and she told me how delicious and healthy their baked goods are. I did a little research on my own and decided to try them out.

One of the reasons I really wanted to try them was because of the fiber content. My gastroenterologist recently told me that I needed to increase my fiber intake. You may already know fiber rich foods are good for you. However, getting enough fiber in your daily diet can be a problem, as many foods that are rich in fiber are not very appealing. My Dr. offered up a sample of this fiber supplement:

konsyl psyllium fiber

All I can say is yuck! While it didn’t taste bad, that stuff was so thick and hard to swallow, I started to gag when I tried it.

This is not the case with Vitalicious products. I haven’t tried all their flavors yet, however the flavors I did try were pretty tasty. They taste so good that you may forget it is healthy. Every scrumptious bite provides essential dietary fiber you need for good health.

Variety makes healthy eating even better. Whether you choose one favorite, or want something different every day, you will never be disappointed. With flavors like Banana Choco Chip, Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip, Apple Crumb, Chocolate Mint, and more, there is at least one that will appeal to your taste buds.

While all of these benefits make Vitalicious Vitatops impossible to resist, there is an additional benefit. Vitatops are also diet friendly. Did you know that you can lose weight eating muffins? While each muffin top is packed with nutrition and fiber, it contains only one hundred calories. You can enjoy them every single day, even if you are trying to lose weight. Rather than eating high-calorie snacks that do not satisfy you, you will be completely satisfied with each portion. The protein in each two-ounce serving will boost your energy and satisfy your hunger at any time of the day, without adding unnecessary calories to your diet.

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Vitatops are also ideal for helping your kids learn healthy eating habits. I have introduced them to Z.E.N. and he loves them. After your children have Vitatops in their lunch boxes or as an after-school snack, they may never want snacks that are high in fat and calories again. They will learn healthy snacks and proper portions are very satisfying. Instead of worrying about your youngsters consuming too much sugar, fat, and calories, you will know they are eating something healthy.

Regardless of your everyday lifestyle, there is a place for Vitalicious Vitatops. If you go to work or school, your treats can go along in your backpack or purse. A supply in your desk means never dealing with cravings during the day. You will also want to stock plenty in your kitchen cabinet. Your entire family can have all of the nutritional benefits and a taste they love.

It can be difficult to find snacks and treats that everyone enjoys. It is even more difficult to find food products that are healthy, yet tasty. Vitalicious is one baked goods company that has its consumers in mind. Whether your main concern is a healthy product, good taste, or weight loss, you need not look any further. Start by selecting your favorite flavor, and you surely will be amazed.

The only problem you will ever encounter is not having enough for everyone in the family. This problem can easily be solved by choosing a variety of flavors, and making sure you always have plenty at home. In fact, you can also buy them in bulk at the Vitalicious website, or buy theVitalicious VitaMuffin mix in bulk at I’ve done both, and in my opinion, the cost is a little cheaper if you buy the mix at Amazon using their subscribe and save option.  Also, you can get free shipping at Amazon too if you are a Prime member.

Anyway, I highly recommend their muffins. If you have never thought of muffins as being good for you, Vitalicious Vitatops will definitely change your mind.

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