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Zoomer Dino Is A Fun Interactive Toy

What kid doesn’t love a fun, interactive toy? Whether your kid is embracing his inner geek or is fascinated by dinosaurs or the excitement of an interactive toy, the Zoomer Dino is an excellent gift idea. A big thanks goes out to Spin Master for sending me one of these super fun toys to try out.

Zoomer Dino Is A Fun Interactive Toy

The Zoomer Dino is a green and white robotic toy with eyes that change colors depending on its mood. Of course, in each mood, Zoomer Dino reacts differently to its environment. When it comes to robot pet toys, you can be sure Zoomer Dino will be a hit.

There is a USB charging cord that can be plugged into your laptop or computer as well as a USB wall adapter; however, the wall adapter is not included with the toy. Once the Zoomer Dino batteries are charged, it’s ready for action. One of the fun features of this innovative pet robot is that it will actually do things without any input from the hand held remote. It’s as if Zoomer Dino has a mind of its own.

For flexible fun, the Zoomer Dino can be a great interactive toy by simply using the remote or waving your hand in front of it. How it reacts will depend on its mood. Check its eyes, green = happy, blue = curious, purple = in hand command mode, red = angry, yellow = ready for remote control use and orange means its batteries are low.

Zoomer Dino offers an entirely new experience for robot pet toys. With the various moods of this pet Dino and its ability to interact on its own, the kids will have hours of fun. Of course, with a great interactive toy that also farts and burps, the kids will have plenty of giggles and amusement.

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When you want a great gift idea, consider the fun, excitement and laughs that Zoomer Dino has to offer.

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