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How to Create the Perfect Sports First Aid Kit

This is What a Good Sports First Aid Kit Should Contain.

As a mom with a child who participates in two different sports, Having a basic sports first aid kit is very important.  No matter how skilled your kids are at their sport, there is always a possibility that something can go wrong. Even if you only have to deal with just a minor scratch or scrape, it helps to have all your supplies in one handy place. But, do you know what should be included in a sports first aid kit? Whether you decide to buy a pre-made kit or come up with a custom one, every mom’s sports first aid kit should include several basic first aid supplies.

What Goes in a Sports First Aid Kit

Sports First Aid Kit List

Wound & skin cleanser

A wound and skin cleanser like Puracyn® Plus Duo-Care™ Wound & Skin Cleanser can come in handy when you have to clean out a cut or sterilize tools to be used for first aid, including your hands. It does not sting so it’s perfect for younger children. With Puracyn® Plus, you don’t need to have running water to clean a wound. It does a thorough job of cleaning minor wounds and is more effective than soap and water. It doesn’t sting and is less irritating than alcohol and peroxide alternatives.  They also have another cleanser that you might also want to add to your first aid kit called Puracyn® Plus Foot Wash and Skin Cleanser for when you need first aid for foot sores and irritations, blisters, dry and cracked feet, and rashes.

Adhesive bandages

These are good for the those little scrapes that will inevitably come your way. Sometimes the scrapes are so tiny that you don’t really need to use a bandage, but younger kids especially tend to find comfort in wearing them. 

Individually wrapped sterile gauze pads

These can help to prevent contamination and control bleeding and secretions.

Pain reliever

Many pre-packaged first aid kits include pain-killer but they are usually in tablet form.  When it comes to young children though, you need to make sure you have some liquid pain reliever for relief of headaches, joint pains and muscle aches.

Ice Pack

It’s always a good idea to have ice packs on hand to treat children who fall or bump into another child, or onto the court, while practicing and playing games. I can’t count the number of times Z.E.N. has had to use an ice pack during basketball season. An ice pack will numb the area which will reduce pain, and will also help to reduce inflammation, decrease soreness and help the healing process.

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Athletic tape

Athletic tape has many uses. It can be used to support weak or injured joints, hold ice packs in place and keep pads and socks in place. It can also be used for extra grip in sports like gymnastics and baseball.


Bandages can be used to support a weakened muscle or apply constant pressure to a small area. They may not be easy to use as first so you want to practice on yourself first before packing them into your sports first aid kit. Be sure to throw in a couple of scissors for cutting gauze or bandages. There are situations where you may actually need the scissors to cut off the clothing of the hurt individual to get better access to the injury.

Medical Tools

Medical tools like tweezers and scissors are useful to keep in your first aid kit.  As mentioned above, scissors can be useful for cutting through clothing and bandage tape. Tweezers are a great tool to use to remove splinters and foreign objects from wounds.

Allergy Medicine

Allergy medicine will be your go to treatment for insect bites, hives and other allergic reactions. Like pain relievers, make sure to include a bottle of liquid allergy medicine for young children.  Allergy medicine can also be used to combat seasonal allergies. 

So now that you know what goes in a sports first aid kit, I’m hoping that this list will help you make your own sports first aid kit.

Printable Sports First Aid Kit Checklist

How to Create the Perfect Sports First Aid Kit

What do you have in your sports first aid kit?

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