15 Fun Things to do with the Kids This Fall

Fall is officially upon us and that means the end of the fun, warm weather activities that have kept the kids busy for the last several months. So now what to do?  What kind of fun activities can keep them busy right now?

Well, get ready for some fun and plan for these 15 fun things to do with the kids this Fall.

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch. A pumpkin patch is a must-do this Fall.  Kids of all ages will be able to enjoy the corn maze, the hayrides, the pumpkin picking and all of the other great things that pumpkin patches have to offer.
  2. Do some leaf jumping. Come on, I know you spent time as a kid jumping in leaves, so why not introduce it to your kids? 
  3. Have fun puddle jumping. So many jumping activities! When that first rain hits, get the kids bundled up in rain boots and a jacket and have fun splashing.
  4. Go apple picking.  Now is the perfect time to head out to the apple orchards.
  5. Paint pumpkins. Head on out to the farm stand or grocery store and find yourself a pumpkin to paint and decorate. 
  6. Create leaf art. Do a Google or Pinterest search and find some ideas for leaf art.
  7. Take pictures outside.  he leaves are changing and the fall colors are out in their full beauty, head outside and have a photo session.
  8. Bake. The temperatures are cooling off and you can turn on your oven again. Fall is the best time to start baking those cookies and pies again.
  9. Schedule a movie day. Gather the whole family, snuggle up on the sofa with some snacks and popcorn and watch movies.
  10. Roast pumpkin seeds. If you have finished carving your pumpkins, roast the pumpkin seeds and enjoy a yummy snack with the family.
  11. Going on a hike. Hiking is awesome in the fall. The air is cooler and the colors are amazing. 
  12. Build a backyard fire. If you have a fire pit in your backyard, there is no better time than Fall to fire that baby up and roast marshmallows. 
  13. Go backyard camping. Set up a tent in your backyard and take the kids camping!  It will be a fun adventure. Plus, if it gets too cold, you don’t have to go far to warm up.
  14. Make Fall Slime. Make some fall scented slime and have some gooey fun.
  15. Go on a cocoa date.  Take the kids to your favorite coffee shop and have a cocoa/coffee date with them.
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things to do with kids this fall


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15 Fun Things to do with the Kids This Fall

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