4 Tips To Make Mealtime Easier

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Getting dinner on the table every night is not easy. Now that the new school year is in full swing, and after school sports are starting to take over my evening schedule, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. The following are a few tips to make mealtime easier for you.

Contents of BabbleboxxUse a slow Cooker

When life is busy, a slow cooker can be a godsend. Not only does it produce tasty meals, it also saves time and money in the kitchen. I set up my slow cooker in the morning before I start working and at the end of the day, dinner is done and ready to serve. It’s that simple!

Enhance the flavor of your meals.

I love cooking with fresh herbs. Fresh herbs add flavor and freshness to any meal. The problem is, I don’t always have them on hand. plus, buying  fresh herbs can be expensive. This is where using a spray-on herb like Simply Beyond® Spray-on Herbs can be beneficial. They are made with a blend of select essential herb oils and canola oil and add a nice touch of flavor. You can also use Simply Beyond® Organic Fruit Vinegar to make quick and delicious salads.

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Embrace leftovers

Double your recipes so you can have leftovers. This is a new strategy for us that seems to be working well. It frees up time for other priorities in life. Plus, in my opinion, Leftovers always taste better the next day! But you have to be creative. For example, you can have burritos using your leftover beans one day and have a dip on the next day. Just don’t forget to have your little ones use Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes before grabbing those chips. they are hypoallergenic and easy on skin for even the littlest of hands. They are perfect for removing dirt off little hands and killing 99.99% of germs without using soap and water.

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Simple Meals

Sometimes, it’s okay to offer up a few simple meals throughout the day. For example, you can cut up a few bowls of fruit instead of a whole meal. Fruit can be filling, and it does not take too long to get these bowls prepared. You can also try your hand at raw foods because these do not require any cooking at all. For example, to make raw cucumber pasta, all you need to do is spiralize a cucumber, and top it with a homemade pesto of your choosing. Another good idea is to make shakes instead of whole meals since these can be filling as well.

These are just some of the tricks you can try to make mealtime easier. These ideas prove that cooking and preparing meals does not have to be such a time-consuming chore. Do not be afraid to talk to friends or family members about finding other ways to cut your meal preparation time because you never know where an effective idea can come from.

Tips To Make Mealtime Easier

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4 Tips To Make Mealtime Easier

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