5 Period Dramas You Need to Watch This Fall

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Have you watched any period dramas lately?  They are so interesting! If you had asked me this same question a couple years ago, I would have probably looked at you like you had two heads, but now that I have discovered them, I love them. If you don’t already know, period dramas are basically shows that portray life in a historical time period. They are not always historically accurate, but the stories are fascinating.  Want to add some great shows to your watch list this fall? Below are five fantastic period dramas that will make you wish you were living in the past.

5 Period Dramas You Need to Watch This Fall

A Place to Call Home (Acorn TV)

A Place to Call Home is a well-respected Aussie series that follows the lives and loves of a family in post-War New South Wales. American viewers are in for a treat, as they can catch up on all of the drama from this period drama series on Acorn TV.

The Crown (Netflix)

A joint American-British series, the Crown takes viewers back to the second World War (and beyond) to examine the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  The series definitely plays up the drama and intrigue behind the crown for all its worth, and Americans who aren’t terribly familiar with the history of the British crown might find themselves surprised by some of the series’ twists and turns. As with most Netflix shows, this is definitely one that’s meant to be binge watched. There are currently 10 episodes produced of the show’s first season.

Poldark (Masterpiece on PBS)

Free television has often been the go-to location for period dramas, and PBS delivers once again with Poldark.  This British drama series is a remake of an earlier Masterpiece series, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it. Poldark takes viewers to Britain shortly after the American Revolution, and deals with the exploits of Ross Poldark and his attempts to reclaim his life. This is a must-watch for fans of classic period fare, and a great show that covers ground that’s not often covered on US television. Poldark is currently in its second season.

Timeless (NBC)

Timeless is the odd series out on the list, because it’s as much of a sci-fi show as it is a period drama. Based around time travel and changing timelines, this show’s more of a blockbuster than most think of when it comes to the genre. Still, Timeless definitely brings period style and flair to the weekly missions, and it’s easily accessible for most viewers. Look at Timeless as the entry-point for period dramas for newcomers, and a great vehicle for sci-fi fans who enjoy fancy costumes on-screen. Timeless is in its first season, so no binge watching this one quite yet.

Versailles (Ovation TV)

Versailles gives you a little peek into King Louie XIV’s world. Set in 1667, it portrays King Louis XIV as a 28-year-old ruthless leader who will stop at nothing to reach his goal of creating the most beautiful palace in Europe and seizing absolute control of France and his enemies. The setting is stunning as are the costumes. Versailles is full of romance, drama and betrayal.  King Louie really loved women and there are lots of steamy love scenes featured on the show, so this one is definitely not for young viewers.

Versailles airs on Ovation on Saturdays, 10pm ET/PT. Be sure to check it out!

Here is the official Versailles TV show trailer from Ovation TV:


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5 Period Dramas You Need to Watch This Fall

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