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5 Smart Tips on How To Raise Confident Kids

Learning How To Raise Confident Kids is So Important

If the constant barrage of self-help manuals on how to raise confident kids tells you anything at all, it’s that there are no shortage of parents searching for answers to the basic issue of what they can do to nurture self-esteem in their children.

Wondering how to make sure that you kids have a strong self-esteem? Looking for information on growing self-confidence in children?

Here are our top 5 parenting tips for raising kids with self-confidence.

how to raise confident kids

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How To Raise Confident Kids

1. Let Your Children Decide

Since you’ve lived more years than your child, it makes sense for those with more life experience to be deciding, right? This isn’t the case if your goal is to raise your child’s self-confidence.

According to a paper by Kids Matter called “Learning to Make Good Decisions“, there’s a strong relationship between self-confidence and decision-making.

When you allow your children to make age-appropriate decisions on their own, you stand to gain a lot. Allowing your children to take ownership of their decisions is important for their personal growth.

2. Let Them Explore Their Dreams For The Future

For your child, being a pop star or the next Michael Jordan may not be realistic plans, but that’s okay.  When your child can fantasize and explore their dreams, it becomes easier for them to believe that they have what it takes to handle the situations in front of them.

3. Encourage Problem Solving

Sometimes confidence in children comes from knowing that they can find solutions to their problems.

The authors of “Supporting Young Children With Communication Problems“, established that encouraging children to solve problems, by teaching them necessary skills and offering positive reassurance where necessary, was a practical means of helping kids become more confident in themselves.

Besides the convenience of having a child who can “solve problems, this approach has the added advantage of equipping your child with the tools needed to handle unexpected situations. You can’t put a price on that.

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4. Try To Encourage Your Kids To Persevere

Growing up, you probably knew someone who would start new hobbies and then give up at the first sign of trouble.

Instead of letting your kids take the easy way out when it doesn’t look like things will work out, but you can instill self-confidence in kids by encouraging them to push through when the going gets tough.

As they see themselves surviving these situations, kids will find it easier to believe in themselves when they’re pushed past their comfort zone.

5. Compliment Your Child’s Achievements

“That was an amazing goal you scored!”

In “Partnerships to Enhance Children’s Problem-Solving Skills” we learn that tailoring feedback to the situation at hand will encourage the self-worth of children.

What this means for parents is that they need to focus on praising the accomplishment rather than the innate quality of the child. What this looks like, in practice, is congratulating your child for scoring a high mark on a pop quiz instead of focusing on his or her looks or height. It may sound like parsing words at the start, but the idea is that the child’s confidence will stem from the fact that the praise is something that they were able to work at and carry out.

Parenting is as much a process as it is an art. There are no checklists and bullet points that will guarantee you perfect results.

But, when it comes to figuring out how to raise confident kids, you have a few tricks at your disposal. By praising your child’s accomplishments, promoting problem-solving, encouraging perseverance, and fostering their imagination, you’ll be well on your way to understanding the basics of building self-confidence in children.

If you give it a shot, you just might see your child’s confidence grow day by day.

5 Smart Tips on How To Raise Confident Kids

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