5 Tips For Visiting Amusement Parks With Kids

Visiting Amusement Parks With Kids Can Be Challenging, But It Doesn’t Have To Be!

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The grass is greener. The sun is brighter and the birds are singing…

And you know what that means…

That’s right, mamas. Spring has sprung and so has the need to get out of that house with the kids and enjoy some fresh air.

But before you pack the minivan and secure that car seat (that takes FOREVER, right?) check out these 5 terrific tips for visiting amusement parks with little ones in tow…

5 Tips For Visiting Amusement Parks With Kids

#1. Pinpoint Rides That Work for Pint-Sized People

One of the best amusement park tips to remember is that not all theme parks are small-kid friendly. Many rides require a height, pound or age requirement for safety and legal reasons. With this in mind, not all parks will cater to small children quite like others. Check out what rides will be a good fit for your kids before you head out. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on a park that has only a ride or two to choose from.

#2. Take Hydration and Sunblock

One thing that you never realize when you head to the theme park is how hot it starts to feel after only a few short hours. Most parks are wide open without much shade to compensate for the sun. If the theme park you are visiting is part of an extended vacation, it would be even worse to have a child who is sunburned or sick. Make sure to pack plenty of water and sunblock. Hats are also a good tag-along.

#3. Take a Break

There can be too much of a good thing for kids and adults alike because each one of us (little ones especially) are prone to over-stimulation. This can make you cranky, grumpy, sleepy and a variety of Snow White’s other faithful friends. Whether you take the time to cool off at the pool, take a nap in the hotel or just sit down for lunch someplace quiet and out of the way, taking a break will keep you both from going nuts.

#4. Remember It’s a Family Outing

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You came to have a good time as a family and not to stress over the small stuff. Not everything goes according to plan all the time. Sometimes you have to accept a job well-enough-done and not done-to-a-tee. That is all part of being a parent and, in the end, you will have a happier outing when you are not feeling forced or obligated to enjoy every activity that you planned.

#5.  Know Before You Go

Before setting sail for your amusement park adventure, remember that even pirates take a map. Go online and get a lay of the land before you arrive, making sure to take note of any special events that may be going on for the day of your trip. This will help you make the most out of your outing. Looking ahead will also show you the exact ticket prices and any specials that may be going on so that you know exactly what to expect with no surprises.

It really pays to know what’s going on. Last Sunday we visited Six Flags Great Adventure here in New Jersey to kick off spring break and we got to experience a really cool event while we there. Kia was having a Ride and Drive Event.

Kia Ride and Drive

They had a huge tent setup in the parking lot where we could take a break, charge our devices, and test drive some of their vehicles.

Kia Ride and Drive tent

My son made a beeline to the charging stations, while hubby and I signed up for test drives.

Kia Ride and Drive charging stations

They had many cars to choose from. We both wound up testing the Kia Niro

Kia Niro

As a thank you for test-driving the vehicles, we each scored $10 Bugs Bunny dollars to use inside the park for food.

Six Flags Bugs Bunny Dollars

We also got flash passes which allowed us to skip the line.

Six Flags Flash Pass

We were super thrilled to walk away with such great perks for only 10-15 minutes of our time.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a little family time in the sunshine. When you go prepared, that sunshine will be a lot more enjoyable… and you just might avoid a tantrum or two. Here’s hoping that these tips or visiting amusement parks have been helpful.

Philip and I posing with Bugs Bunny at Six Flags Great Adventure

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5 Tips For Visiting Amusement Parks With Kids

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