6 Books About Martin Luther King Jr For Kids

collage of MLK books for children

There is no way to ever deny the impact that Martin Luther King Jr. had in our world and it is vitally important that our children learn about the man as well. There are a plethora of great books about Martin Luther King Jr for kids that do an amazing job teaching children about the man he was. So, when you are checking out MLK books for kids, here are a few recommendations for those who do not know where to begin.

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Martin’s Big Words* – is geared towards children aged 5 and up and offers a great introduction for young readers to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his works. Your children will also love the stunning illustrations. These graphics will teach your children about Dr. King more than what text can do. This book has a mixture of hushed, elaborate watercolors and minimalistic poetic text.

My Brother Martin* – is geared towards children aged 6 and up. This book written by King’s sister gives kids a first hand account of his life.

March* –  is geared to kids aged twelve and up, but it is also the first part of a trilogy of books taking a look at human rights leader John Lewis. The reason this book was put on a list focusing on MLK is that the first book of the trilogy goes into great detail about the impact MLK had on the life of John Lewis. MLK impacted the lives of millions of people in the world and this book does a great job looking at how MLK influenced the work of John Lewis, who was also instrumental in the movement for civil rights. This book is also designed like a graphic novel, with many great illustrations that tell great stories about how MLK influenced another great rights leader.

My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King* – is geared towards children aged 4-8 years old, was written by the second child of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., offers an intimate portrait of his father and allows children to learn about this great historical personality through the eyes of his son. 

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A Sweet Smell Of Roses* – is a book geared towards children around ten and under, as it tells the story of a pair of sisters who sneak out of their house to march alongside Martin Luther King Jr. The illustrations are truly amazing in this book, as artist Eric Velasquez puts some amazing pictures together using primarily the colors black, white and red. Roses are also a big part of the book, because the dreams of the two girls wanting to march with Martin Luther King Jr. lead them to think that freedom will one day smell like the roses. The pictures are just as important as the story itself, as both do a great job telling the reader about the impact of MLK.

As Good As Anybody* –  is geared towards children under the age of ten and it does an amazing job giving the reader a glimpse into the impact MLK Jr. made in this world. The book also tells stories about Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, as they both did amazing work fighting for social justice. The illustrations, done by artist Raul Colon, do a great job bringing MLK Jr. and Rabbi Heschel to live on the pages. This book does an great job illustrating the early work of Martin Luther King Jr. and others to bring the social blight to the world that was ignoring it.

There are literally millions of great books detailing how the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. Influenced the world during his time and this list is just a small sampling of that, but be sure to read about MLK as much as possible because this world is a much better place because of the work he did.

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Collage of MLK Books for kids
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6 Books About Martin Luther King Jr For Kids

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