6 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Laundry Room

Upgrade Your Laundry Room With These Easy Tips

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When you think of upgrading rooms in your home, the kitchen and bathroom are usually at the top of the list.  What about your laundry room?  It’s a room you frequent at least a few times a week, but it’s often neglected. I speak from experience. I don’t think we ever changed my laundry room since we moved in 13 years ago, but since we were planning on upgrading our washer and dryer, we decided that it was time to tackle the laundry room. It had gray walls and always felt dark in there so I wanted to brighten it up. Thinking about changing YOUR laundry room? Here are a few tips to help you upgrade your laundry room.

6 easy ways to upgrade your laundry room

Hue Upgrade

One of the simplest ways to start laundry room makeovers is to consider adding a bold color. Stick to simple colors, without getting too crazy with patterns, and you avoid dark colors. Dark-colored walls highlight dirt and lint, which is common in the laundry room. Consider colors such as lime, light blue, or even red as your statement colors. We livened up our laundry room with a burst of color.

Change Shelves

Giving your laundry room a facelift could be as simple as re-shelving since most laundry rooms have wire shelves, which is an uninspired look. All you have to do is replace these shelves with interesting decorative shelves or simple wood shelves. Replacing the shelves was not in our budget so I instead, I updated them. Things fall through the cracks and don’t sit straight so I needed a low-cost solution. We had a few sheets of poster board in the house that I used that to make the shelves level. I wanted to cover them up in a pretty pattern and lucked out when I found plastic tablecloths on sale at the mall for $2.99! These tablecloths were used to cover up the poster board before I placed them on the shelves. In addition, I used a few inches of the tablecloths to cover up the front part of the shelves

Rethink Your Containers

You might leave cleaning supplies on shelves or on the floor. These containers do not take your decor into consideration. What you can do to streamline the look of your laundry room is pour your dry and liquid detergents in glass containers. Another option is to use baskets or storage containers to contain your laundry and cleaning supplies. Please note that these are just suggestions to get your creativity flowing; you can use whatever containers that tickle your fancy. I found the perfect storage bins at the dollar store.

storage bins for your laundry room

Add Stylish Touches

Another way to spruce up the room is by adding a few decorations.  Don’t go overboard and add too much. A few pieces should do. 

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laundry sign decor

Update Your Flooring

If you have outdated floors, you can update them with a new coat of paint, or change your flooring altogether.  We have vinyl tiles and didn’t opt to change them. Instead, I purchased a rug to add a little designer flair and to provide cushioning since our washer and dryer is on the lower level which has concrete flooring.

small rug for laundry room

Upgrade your washer and dryer

Another way to update your laundry room is to upgrade your washer and dryer. We recently got Samsung’s FlexWash™ washer and FlexDry dryer. Our old washing machine leaked every time we did laundry, so we needed to upgrade. The most amazing feature of this washer and dryer is the ability to wash and dry multiple loads of laundry at the same time.

Samsung’s FlexWash™ washer and FlexDry™ dryer

Samsung FlexWash™ Washer

The FlexWash has a 5-cubic-foot front load washer for bulky loads, and a 1-cubic-foot top-load compartment for small loads. Even though there are 2 washers, the unit only requires one standard water line hookup. This is a game changer! Laundry is one of those chores that used to take up a lot of my time.  Not anymore! 

close-up of Samsung FlexWash Washing machine control panel

I can do a large load of dark colored clothing in the front loading compartment, and a small load of whites in the top loading compartment at the same time!  I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to wash Z.E.N.’s school uniform. Next time that happens, I can just pop it into the front load compartment, and choose the super speed setting to get it done in half the time.

Samsung FlexDry Dryer

Similarly, The FlexDry has a 7.5-cubic-foot bottom compartment for large loads and a smaller drying zone on top for delicate items. I like that it allows you to dry delicates, sweaters, and accessories on a drying rack to prevent shrinkage and fabric damage.

drying rack in top compartment of Samsung FlexDry dryer

Besides its four-in-one design, the FlexWash + FlexDry Laundry System is also a smart system. It can be controlled by your phone via the Samsung Smart Home app for Android or iPhone. You can start and stop cycles remotely with the app and monitor the progress of a cycle. This is very helpful because as I previously mentioned, my laundry room is on the lower level of my house. Both the washer and dryer sounds a musical alert when a cycle is completed, however, I can’t always hear it if I am upstairs. Being able to monitor the progress of each load via my phone is a wonderful feature to have. 

You can check out this washer-dryer duo at your nearest Best Buy store.

As you can see, there are simple ways that you can upgrade your laundry room that will reawaken the space, which should make everyone in your home feel good while doing laundry.

6 easy ways to upgrade your laundry room

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6 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Laundry Room

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