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7 Tips For Traveling Internationally With Kids


Tips For Traveling Internationally with kids (1)

An international trip can be an exciting adventure for a kid, but if sufficient planning and preparation is not done beforehand, then it can be quite a challenging experience for all. We’ve been traveling internationally with Z.E.N. since he was 10 months old. That first trip was a challenge, but now he’s a pro! Since then, he’s traveled to South America, the Caribbean, and Canada several times. Here are a few tips to help you when traveling internationally with kids, so that the trip will be an unforgettable and enjoyable time for the entire family:

Let Them Contribute to the Packing Process

Ask the kids to help you to pack, by identifying a favorite toy or item that they will carry in their own backpack or mini suitcase. Explain to them that each member of the family has their own bag to take care of, so this is their personal responsibility. On our latest trip to Mexico, Z.E.N. was allowed to choose a few item to pack in his backpack, and understood that his backpack was HIS responsibility and that we would not be carrying it for him. Since we discussed it beforehand we had no issues.

Comfortable Traveling Clothing

Make sure the kids wear extremely comfortable clothing during the journey, with a change of clothing easily accessible if needed. Bringing along a jacket or sweater for the kids may also be a good idea as it can get very cold on airplanes. Try to avoid belts and uncomfortable fabric that can make your kids uneasy while traveling. Easy movement should not be restricted, especially if they want to sleep or go to the restroom during the trip.

Discuss the Trip and Destination

Unless it is a surprise, you should let the kids know some details of the trip. Researching the destination before you travel can be a great learning experience. Before we left for our trip to Mexico, we let Z.E.N. know that we would be traveling to the Mayan Riviera. We mentioned that we would be visiting the Mayan ruins. He was so excited and wanted to learn more about the ruins. Letting the kids point out some must see or must do activities will make them feel like their opinions are valuable and that they are a part of the planning process.

Take Lots of Pictures

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Let the kids take pictures so that they can keep a collection of memories and be able to share with friends and family when they return home. We discovered that the region that we visited in Mexico had lots of iguanas roaming around. Z.E.N. wanted to snap photos of himself near the iguanas so that he could show his cousins at home. These permanent childhood memories will be held close to their heart as they grow older.

Pack Their Favorite Snacks in Your Hand Luggage

Make sure that some of their favorite snacks are close at hand during travel, especially if there are long layovers in airports, bus or train stations. Hungry kids are not happy kids and will become miserable if not fed.

Chewing Gum

During flights, both kids and adults may experience discomfort and problems with their ears during ascent and descent. Chewing gum helps to alleviate this and will also prevent excessive crying and complaining by the kids.

Distractions Never Fail

The best tip I can give you for flying with kids internationally or domestically is to keep the kids occupied. Even if your trip is a short one, Plan to bring a few different entertainment options for your kids. Things to consider packing include tablets, coloring books, reading books, and small quiet toys. An unexpected layover or flight delays can cause your kids to become irritable, but a great selection of entertaining distractions can help you to make the experience more comfortable for everyone on your flight.

If you follow these tips for traveling internationally with kids, your trip can be an amazing adventure that you and your kids will remember for years to come!

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