Alice Through The Looking Glass: A Film About Family Values & Loyalty

Mia Wasikowska as Alice in Alice Through The Looking GlassLast month when I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (DSMMC) we had a chance to see an advanced screening of Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. Alice Through the Looking Glass is the sequel to the beloved Alice in Wonderland. The first film was directed by Tim Burton, and now the torch has been passed to James Bobin. Bobin has directed great movies, like The Muppets back in 2011. His involvement with The Muppets might be one of the reasons that Disney and Burton trusted him with the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Both Burton and Disney wanted a family friendly movie, making Bobin the perfect choice.

The film stars many of the stars from the first film, like Johnny Depp who plays the role of the Mad Hatter. Mia Wasikowska also reprises her role of Alice. The film also starts Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sasha Baron Cohen to name a few other notable stars.

The film starts with Alice sailing the seas, like she always wanted to, only to return home to find her family in ruin. Apparently, the man she rejected in the first film because she did not love him has taken her family’s assets. The man is Hamish Ascot, and he promises to release some of these assets, namely her mother’s house, if she gives up her Father’s ship. Alice struggles with the idea of giving up her Father’s ship for the wellbeing of her family. The theme of the film is not exactly a simple one, but it is one of the life lessons that everyone must face at some point, choosing another person’s happiness over your own.

While dealing with this dilemma, the caterpillar–who is now a butterfly–comes to visit Alice to inform her that she has been gone far too long. The butterfly flies into her mirror, and Alice follows. After a wondrous introduction to what Wonderland looks like now, she is informed of a troubling situation. Her best friend, the Mad Hatter, is not doing too well. He learned something about his past that revealed that his family did not die on Horunvendush Day.

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Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Alice Through The Looking Glass

The Mad Hatter asks Alice to help him find his family. This is something that Alice finds impossible, yet Alice has always maintained that impossibilities do not exist. The Mad Hatter does not like her response and turns dark, feeling as if this returned Alice is not the one he remembers.

Alice is later informed that she does have the power to go back in time. All she needs to do is steal the Chronosphere, which is a time traveling device, from Time. Alice manages to steal the device and travels through time and realizes that silly lies, mistakes, betrayals, and insults can negatively affect people and break families apart.

One of the lessons we learn form this movie is that it’s important to help a friend in need.  We learn that even if you think that something is impossible, you should never give up. We also learn that family is important, more important than silly issues. Family is here but for a moment, and every member of the family needs to treasure that fact. Another important takeaway from the movie is that you should never just give in as sometimes there is a better choice.  At the end of the movie, we see that Alice and her mother do not give in to Hamish’s demands and walk away from the ship and the house.  They decide to go into business for themselves.


Alice through the Looking Glass is a magical film that goes through these lessons in a way that is easily understood. It teaches that there are consequences to every action taken, and they should never be taken lightly, especially when it comes to dear friends and family.

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Alice Through The Looking Glass: A Film About Family Values & Loyalty

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