Celebrate The Little Things in Life

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Celebrate The Little Things in Life

Have you ever taken the time to think about what makes your life special? We are all pretty good at recognizing the big moments in life like birthdays, graduations and weddings.  Some people tend to really focus only on the major milestones and accomplishments. What about the little things? Do you celebrate the little things in life? Even on the gloomiest days, there are happy moments happening in your life and in the world around you. You’ll only find those moments if you take the time to really look for them.

In our house, we try our hardest to find something to celebrate everyday.  Lot’s of people wonder why we don’t make a big deal about holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. It’s mainly because, we take time to appreciate and celebrate all those little moments throughout the day… a thoughtful gesture from hubby; Z.E.N. picking a flower form the garden for me; cuddling together and watching a movie; eating dinner together; sharing funny stories and videos we find online throughout the day;… it’s different things for different people, but these little things are what make everyday life so memorable and special.

This week we chose to celebrate a little thing in life by going out to eat.  Z.E.N. has been going to the same basketball camp for the past two years, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the way they ran their camp. This year I looked around for alternatives and found one at a local high school near us.  Z.E.N. had such anxiety about moving to a new camp. He didn’t think he’d like it and complained that he wouldn’t know anyone there. Fortunately, he loved it! This particular camp really kept the children engaged with trivia contests, and real one on one competitions.  On the last day of camp, Z.E.N. was bursting in pride at the fact that his team won the championship competition they had, and that as a result he got a special t-shirt that featured one of his favorite teams. He was indeed a happy camper. This, is something that brought me joy as well and was well worth celebrating.

We wound up going to Red Lobster to celebrate.  We all love seafood, so it was the perfect choice. It’s also very close by as they have a location here in South Plainfield, NJ and we always have a good time when we eat there. What made it even better is the fact that their Crabfest event was going on. I love crab and ordered the Crab Lover’s Dream. Red Lobster Crab Lover's Dream

It features wild-caught North American snow and king crab legs. It is served up alongside creamy crab linguini Alfredo. It is truly a crab lovers dream! The only thing I don’t like about crab is cracking the shells.  I watched a really good instructional video on how to do it, but nevertheless, it’s always a struggle for me so I always default to hubby to do it for me.

As I was browsing the menu, I noticed that they had a new side item called Grilled Parmesan Corn so I ordered that as well, and I must say it was delicious!

Grilled Parmesan Corn

Hubby was in the mood for lobster, so her ordered the Lobster Scampi Linguini.

lobster scampi linguini

We enjoyed a really good meal filled with lots of conversation and laughter. If you are a crab lover, make sure to check out Crabfest and visit the Crabfest website to learn more about how you can win dinner with Captain Sig of the Deadliest Catch, and a tour of the Northwestern! It’s only around for a limited time so try not to miss it!

Want to celebrate the little things in your life? Here are some ways to do it:

Take a Break.

The little things in your life are hidden in the big things – your job, your family, those meetings and events you go to. Pause, take a deep breath and savor the small moments in between. Often, you’ll find in them your little unique sources of joy that get overlooked when you’re in a hurry.

Be Thankful.

More than anything, gratitude makes you humble. It helps you see things from the perspective of someone who does not have a lot and as such is more appreciative and considerate. Say thanks to the littlest gifts and the smallest of gestures knowing that they were given wholeheartedly.

Even If You’ve Lost Some, You’ve Also Won Some.

While you should never forget your losses, keep in mind that no matter how tough things are in your life right now, you also won and will continue doing so, even if it’s in the little things. Maybe you didn’t win first place in the marathon, but you took part in the race and gave it all you got. And that’s what matters.

How do you celebrate the little things in life?

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Celebrate The Little Things in Life

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