Choosing to be Self-Employed and Loving It

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Choosing to be Self-Employed and Loving It post imageWhen I was in my twenties, my friends would always jokingly ask me where I was working now. They thought it was funny that I bounced around from job to job so frequently. What they didn’t realize is that I knew a good fit when I saw one and somehow I hadn’t found it yet.

First there was the job at Ticketmaster. It was a great part-time job and I really loved the fact that I could secure tickets to any show I wanted to see, but it was a dead-end job.

Then there was the job at Ernst & Young. Again, it was a great part-time job for a college student, but not something that I would have wanted to do full-time.

How about that job I took at an Insurance company? I was managing two other women who despised me because they both thought they should have gotten the managerial spot. Yeah, I left there after about a month, but the place I winded up next wasn’t any better. I wound up working at a New York City government agency which wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that my boss had a huge ego and looked down on her two employees. What a shock it was when both of her employees submitted their letters of resignation and walked out of the office on the same day. We weren’t having it!

I did find one company that I loved dearly. It was at one of the top 6 commercial banks. My boss was a sweetheart. The company benefits were very generous. I worked there for ten years. Unfortunately, they relocated to another state. I would have happily moved with them, but the thing is, I had just purchased my first house about 6 months prior to them making the announcement, so sadly, I had to move on, again.

After a couple more years of trial and error, I decided that the traditional 9 to 5 job was not for me. I thought long and hard about being an employee vs. being self-employed. At the end of the day, I chose self-employment.

This has been the best decision I ever made. Sure there are some struggles that come with being self-employed, like having to purchase my own health insurance, and not having the comfort of a steady paycheck, but for me, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

The self-employment benefits that I love the most include not having to commute every morning, not having to get dressed up every day, and being able to go to my son’s school to participate in things like monthly assemblies, pep-rallies and other fun activities that go on during work hours.

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Choosing to be Self-Employed and Loving It

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