Consider These Martin Luther King Jr Day Of Service Ideas

Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service Ideas

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was all about serving his fellow man. So willing was Dr. King to make a difference that he would risk his life to bring justice to the mistreated and equality to all. As we celebrate his birthday we can carry on his legacy by engaging in service projects that uplift others.

How do service projects make a difference?

There are many people who are lonely and would feel honored just to have someone spend an hour just chatting with them. There are those who work in public service jobs where everyone expects them to be available when duty calls, but when all is well, few people think about the sacrifices these individuals make by working evenings, weekends and holidays. Showing appreciation for workers such as nurses, law enforcement officers, and firefighters can make a difference in the lives of these dedicated public servants. These are opportunities for people of all ages to make a difference because they meet the needs of individuals and communities.

Get Kids Involved in Local Community Service Projects

Getting kids involved in local community service projects teaches them of the importance of giving back. In fact, there are a number of service projects for kids that are simple to organize, but would be much appreciated by beneficiaries of such kind deeds. 

Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service ideas

1. Older adults who live in long-term care facilities sometimes receive very few visitors. They are often lonely and would enjoy visits from young people. If you are responsible for organizing a service project, call a facility and ask if you can bring a group of children to visit residents. Those working at the facility can provide a list of residents who might enjoy having visitors.

Prior to going to the facility, children might make cards for the residents. While there, they could engage in activities such as singing songs, reading to residents or asking a resident to share a favorite story.

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2. Another project for kids is to write thank-you notes to those who make sacrifices such as working weekends and holidays to provide needed services.  As mentioned earlier, these workers include law enforcement officers, firefighters, and nurses.

3. Don’t forget about our military personnel who are protecting the freedoms for which Dr. King fought. Think about how encouraging it would be if they received letters of appreciation from young people. This can be another worthwhile project.

4. Helping out at a soup kitchen or shelter is another idea for getting kids involved in serving others. While younger children may not be able to serve food, they could make decorative place mats and place napkins and utensils on tables. Shelter coordinators are usually very good about finding tasks that volunteers of any age can do well.

5. Tidying up the neighborhood is a service project that can help a child develop a sense of ownership of his or her community. This type of project might be better for older children. With the help of adult volunteers, children can pick up litter and assist elderly neighbors with tasks such as raking leaves.

The key to making service projects for kids successful is to plan ahead. Contact the appropriate person-in-charge to make arrangements rather than showing up unannounced. Each of the aforementioned projects can be accomplished on a limited budget. Encouraging kids to become involved in local community service projects makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of the recipients of their service. It teaches kids that the most important and unselfish aspect of giving is when we give ourselves, and that is part of Dr. King’s legacy.

Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service ideas
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Consider These Martin Luther King Jr Day Of Service Ideas

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