Emojis and Waffles: A Recap of my Eggo Waffles Factory Tour

This blog post was sponsored by Eggo but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. #LeggoMyEggo #Eggoji

Last month, I, along with a few other bloggers were invited to visit the original Eggo waffle factory and take part in something special called the Eggo Experience.  I grew up eating Eggo Waffles and now make them for my own family, so of course I jumped at the chance.  When I told my mom I was going to visit the Eggo factory, she immediately said “wait, you mean the L’eggo my Eggo people?” Lol!  She was super excited for me.

The factory is located in San Jose, California. As we entered the factory, we were hit with the wonderful aroma of waffles. Since we were going to tour a food factory, we had to adhere to all factory rules and protocols and therefore, had to take some sanitization & safety precautions. We had to wear safety gear which consisted of a hairnet, hardhat, safety goggles, shoe covers and lab coats.  We were then ready to hit the factory floor!

As we were whisked through the factory, we got see the whole waffle making process firsthand.  During the tour, the factory floor buzzed with the rhythmic sounds of dozens of machines. Due to proprietary information within the facility, we weren’t able to take any photos on our factory tour, but learned a lot about how their waffles are made.

After our tour, we headed to phase 2 of the experience.  We were taken to a large room called the Eggophere and learned that we were about to play a vital role in Eggo’s new initiative. 

Inside the Eggosphere

They were going to be launching a new series of Eggo emojis  – known as Eggojis, and we were going to help them create them. Fun right? They provided the tools, plenty of Eggo waffles and a variety of different toppings, and we brought the creativity.  Take a look at some of our creations:

Eggoji creation

bunny rabbit eggoji

While we were making our eggojis, we were treated to even more fun experiences.  One of these experiences was a magic show that really wowed me.

Next up, we headed into the next and final phase of the experience.  We were taken into a room filled with balloons and a gorgeous flower filled table setting.



We then got to sample some delicious waffle creations from the kitchen.

Eggo pizza

Eggo pizza

Eggo waffles ham and cheese sandwiches

Eggo waffles ham and cheese sandwiches

Eggo tacos

Eggo tacos

I never really thought of making such great meals with waffles.  I do love adding a scoop of ice cream and some chocolate syrup on top of a warm waffle, but that’s the most I’ve ever done.  Now I can see that a waffle is the perfect canvas on which to build a bigger meal. I can’t wait to try making some new creations with Eggo waffles.  I’d like to try making a margherita style pizza using Eggo waffles. 

I must say that I had a really wonderful time out in San Jose. I got to meet and interact with some really cool bloggers and had a really great once in a lifetime experience.

I can’t wait for you all to start using the Eggoji app and start sharing your emotions.  I love to use emojis because I think they add a little spice to my messages. Plus they’re cute! Eggojis are even cuter. The Eggoji app is available for download on both iOS and Android.  Here is a peek at some of the eggojis that are available:

Eggo eggojis Eggo eggojisEggo eggojis

Which one is your favorite? My favorite is Stacks!

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Emojis and Waffles: A Recap of my Eggo Waffles Factory Tour

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