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Five Reasons Everyone Should Love Brunch

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When is the last time you’ve been to brunch? Brunch is one of my favorite meals. Unfortunately, we don’t get to do brunch very often. When you have busy schedules like we do, even having a decent meal can be difficult. This is why finding time to schedule out a nice brunch break is a must. Here are some of the reasons to love brunch.


Reasons to Love Brunch

No Need to Get Up Early

Brunch is a late morning meal eaten in place of breakfast. The fact that brunch takes place in the late morning means there’s no need to get out of bed early and rush around to make sure you get breakfast in. Save yourself a few extra minutes in bed in the morning or give yourself more time to get presentable. Whatever you do in the morning, you’ll give yourself more minutes on the clock by skipping breakfast and waiting for brunch.

Relaxation Hour

Brunch is the perfect time to enjoy a nice meal. After the morning rush is well over and before the afternoon slump has hit, you can sit back, relax, and just enjoy your meal.

Wide Array of Culinary Choices

Since brunch takes place between breakfast and lunch hours, a variety of foods and drinks are available to choose from. All of the sweet and delicious breakfast foods you enjoy with a cup of coffee, as well as the hearty, savory lunch choices and maybe a bit of alcohol to wash it down. Whatever you’re in the mood for, brunch is the perfect time to find it.

Everyday Pick-Me-Up

There’s an obvious advantage of slipping away from your hectic day to eat a peaceful meal. Taking the time to relax and forget about your troubles will boost your mood. You’ll feel the positive effects for the rest of the day. 

Spending Time with Family

Everyone wishes they had more time during the day to spend with family or catch up with friends, but no one is going to have that time unless they make it. Brunch is possibly the best time of the day to schedule a visit with your loved ones. With the variety of food and drinks, everyone will have a chance to get exactly what they want. Even the pickiest eaters will be able to find something they love. The relaxing atmosphere and break from everyday life should result in great conversations and fun all around.

A few weeks ago, we found a great new brunch spot called Piattino: Neighborhood Bistro. It’s located in Mendham, NJ. It’s an Italian restaurant serving up a great variety of mouthwatering antipasti’s, insalates, pastas and entrees.

Piattino: Neighborhood Bistro - Mendham

First let’s talk about the staff.  The staff was fantastic. Our server was very friendly and polite and since it was our first time dining there, she gave us some recommendations on what we should order. Her recommendations were great.

I ordered the Nutella French Toast which featured caramelized banana, maple syrup and fresh berries.

Nutella French Toast

Z.E.N. ordered the Breakfast Pizza which featured pulled mozzarella, pancetta, spinach, cherry tomatoes and egg yolk.

Breakfast Pizza

These were both from the brunch menu. Philip ordered from the lunch menu. He ordered the Marinated Chicken Breast Sand-izza.

Marinated Chicken Breast Sand-izza

It came with a side of Hand Cut Romano Steak Fries.

Hand Cut Romano Steak Fries

Everything was delicious. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. The portions were also pretty big.  We actually wound up having to take some of it home because it was too much to eat!

If you are looking for a great brunch location in NJ, you have to check out Piattino. They have two locations, one in Mendham, and one in Summit. We can’t wait to go back!

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