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Overview of the New Acura MDX Family Friendly SUV

2012 Acura MDXThe Acura MDX is a new luxury SUV model for 2012 from this Honda-owned car manufacturer.  The 2012 version is showing some superb improvements on the 2010 version, especially with an updated 6-speed gear box and automatic transmission.  It also comes with a completely re-worked and re-engineered V6 engine, a more elegant design, as well as enhanced comfort and technological levels designed to make this a superb family friendly SUV.

Stunning Design on the Outside

The Acura 2012 MDX looks stunning from the front with a single grille plus improved front panels incorporating many stainless steel elements.  The rear lights on the Acura look a lot more streamlined, and overall the MDX looks sleeker and sportier than before – it actually looks like one of the sportiest SUVs on the market today despite the family orientated inner workings of the vehicle.

The overall driving experience is a lot better too with enhanced power steering that has been refined in order to greatly improve the handling of the Acura MDX. Inside the vehicle you also won’t notice external noise so much since noise and vibrations have been reduced due to improved insulating materials.

Advanced Acura Navigation System and Reversing Camera

In terms of the internal design, there are Milano leather sports seats and steering wheel as well as an interior trim using only the best materials. The dashboard controls are laid out in an easy to reach format and some of the technology advances are sublime.  In particular the updated Acura Navigation System (GPS built in to the dashboard) has been modified to even include a rear view camera in the display screen to help with reversing into tight spaces. (Please note that you will need to purchase annual Acura Navigation Update discs in order to keep the GPS up to date with directions and the latest maps).

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Keep the Family Entertained with iPod Functionality

To keep the family entertained on long car journeys there are a number of other improvements too.  The Acura entertainment system is now fully compatible with MP3 players and Apple iPod.  Synchronization is via USB port as well as their being a 15GB hard drive in the middle console as well – so you can play MP3 straight off a USB stick.

Family Safety is of Paramount Importance

In terms of family safety, the Acura MDX has reduced the blind spot areas and also has a cruise control system that helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in the same lane.  Acura also offers an advanced braking system that will warn the driver of pedestrians or other obstacles that suddenly appear in the road.  Airbags are fitted on driver, passenger, and rear passenger areas for maximum safety too.

Overall this is a superb SUV for a family of 4 to 5 members who need plenty of room for shopping, driving vacations, and every day activities.  It looks sporty, but once inside is one of the most luxurious and spacious SUVs on the market.  Definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a new family car or vehicle.

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