How To Keep Children’s Minds Active During Summer

Summer is usually a time when kids get to have fun, relax and spend time with friends and family. But, summer is also known to create lazy brain and many children face difficulties recalling what they have learned during the past term. In order to avoid this, kids should be kept mentally active throughout summer. The following are some ways on how to keep children’s minds active during summer vacation.

How To Keep Children's Minds Active During Summer

How to Keep Children’s Minds Active During Summer

Hire A Tutor

You might want to hire a tutor that will teach your kids about their lessons for the upcoming fall term, to refresh what has already been taught the previous year or just do general school work to keep the mind active.

Provide Educational Toys For Younger Kids

Turn off the computers and provide some good old fashioned educational toys, like Legos for younger kids. Legos have long been known to stimulate imagination and development of analytical and organizational skills. Also, there is a variety of great educational toys from top brands like and LeapFrog, offering tablets and computer games that are educational but still very fun.

Baby Einstein Toys

For very young kids, babies and toddlers, check out the big line of Baby Einstein toys that help to stimulate young minds at an early age and facilitate education early on.

Bring Your Kids To The Supermarket

Aside from the fact that it is fun to buy groceries, it can be a rewarding experience for your kids because it is a chance for them to revisit their math skills. Allow them to compute or estimate the total amount of items that you will buy. Do not forget to reward them if they get it right.

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Music And Art Summer Classes

Arts and music can actually enhance a child’s logical and mathematical activities, according to some recent studies. And, do not discount this for very young babies as well, make sure to provide different crib mobiles at infancy to stimulate a love for music and enhance development.

Bring Kids To The Library At Least Once Per Week

Make sure to encourage reading by bringing kids to the library and maybe joining a reading group. At home, make sure to encourage your kids to read magazines and books so that they will learn something new. It is suggested to have them share what they have learned from the day’s reading experience, this supports reading comprehension, which is an essential part of learning.

Encourage Kids To Solve Puzzles

Encouraging kids to solve puzzles like a crossword, Rubik’s cube, and Sudoku is a great way to keep their minds crisp, stimulated and active.

Encourage A Summer Journal

Unleash the writer in your child and buy them a journal. Encourage them to write about their summer experience each and every day.

Facilitate Human Connections

Bring your kids to the community park or to relatives to make them appreciate the fact that face to face encounter is still better than virtual connections. Also, encourage them to reduce the hours they spend in front of the computer.

These are just some of the recommended activities that you can choose from this summer. In lining up activities that will keep your kids’ minds active, make sure that they are fun-filled as well.

What are you doing to keep your children’s minds active during the summer?

How To Keep Children's Minds Active During Summer

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How To Keep Children’s Minds Active During Summer

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