How to Easily Keep Track of Your Kids Sports Schedules

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I love the fact that Z.E.N. really likes to participate in sports. He’s been on the track team at his school since he was in Kindergarten, and started playing basketball when he was in second grade.  He loves both sports.  It’s not always easy to manage it all though. While I wish all of his track meets and games where played at his school, that is just not the case.  We have to drive him all over the place sometimes during rush hour traffic, so it can be challenging to make sure we get him where he needs to be and when he needs to be there. That’s where a really cool app called TeamSnap comes in.  From keeping you up to date with kids sports schedules to being notified when there has been a game plan change, this app has excellent tools.

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One of the tools that I know will come in handy is the game schedule feature.  Many of the teams in our league do not have their own gymnasiums or tracks which means there is a lot of driving involved.  Having to drive is not the issue though, the biggest issue is the fact that one school using another school’s facilities has lead to a lot of confusion.  There have been many instances where some of the athletes showed up late to games because they went to the wrong location. The game schedule feature allows the coach to set the location of each game, and it even includes a handy dandy map.

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The TeamSnap team organization app is one of the easiest ways to stay on top of the latest information and to implement your kids athletic aspirations at the top of your to do list. The app allows you to keep track of what is going on, when it is happening and where your child needs to be. This is also a good way to keep in touch with the coaches and other parents about upcoming events and goals of the team. The app allows you to easily see what is happening and respond with regard to attendance with one quick tap.

TeamSnap How to Easily Keep Track of Your Kids Sports SchedulesWith TeamSnap the team can easily build a team website. This is a great place where everyone can check-in and make sure they are all on the same page. It will allow the team to share great news, information and calendars so that you can all make it to the practices and games. The Schedule Builder provides a platform for quickly and efficiently creating a schedule for all team events. Sharing this information is even easier with the communication tools available such as email updating and group notifications as well as invitations.

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One of the fastest means of staying in touch with other parents, coaches and team members is by using the League and Club Roster that can be created with the app. This means easy access to everyone’s to contact information and vital statistics such as player profiles to include medical conditions or allergies that should be known to all. If you are responsible for hosting a ride share, team meeting or celebration, you’ll want to know all there is to know about the needs of the team. This means you’ll easily be able to keep up with changes to addresses and telephone numbers as well. Also, if a practice is cancelled or rescheduled, you can easily let all team members know.

As parents of growing star athletes, you are likely challenged by the busy schedules. This is especially true if you have more than one child with athletic goals. Technology has given us the gift of having all the information we want at our fingertips. TeamSnap allows you to access all of this information in an organized manner so that you can keep better track of your kids sports schedules.

Try it out for yourself! Reduce the stress of busy team activities and get a handle on your team’s upcoming events, successes and aspirations by signing up for a free 4 month trial today!

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How to Easily Keep Track of Your Kids Sports Schedules

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