Work Life Balance for Moms That Work At Home

I love the fact that I work from home. Being able to work from home has eased many stresses from my life, yet it can create just as many problems as it solves. Working from home as a parent is far more complicated than simply turning on the computer while wearing my pajamas. First off, self-discipline and motivation is crucial. Since there is no boss or other co-workers around, I have to work hard at staying motivated. It’s even harder when you have a child and husband at home during the day who can cause you to become distracted. There are a few things you can do though to help make life easier. Read on to learn more about work life balance for moms like me who work from home.

Work Life Balance for Moms

For starters, ensure that you have a dedicated space in your house where you can work. Having a study or a home office instead of lying down on the couch and plugging in a laptop will provide many advantages, chief amongst them the psychological gravity of a professional atmosphere. Your home office doesn’t actually have to be an office. It just needs to be a place where you can work without being distracted. We converted a small bedroom in my house into an office. When I’m working, I let Z.E.N. and Philip know that I’m working and that I do not want to be disturbed for anything short of the house burning down.

For me, balancing work and family time works best when I set up a schedule that everyone can follow. I use a dry-erase board and each week I list out all of the things that I really need to get done. It really helps to let my family know that there are certain blocks of time where I probably don’t have time to go looking for missing action figures and things of that sort. On the flipside, I do try to create my schedule so that it can fit around my family, and I work in things like picking Z.E.N. up from school and helping with homework on weekdays. I’m also a lot more productive after he’s gone to sleep because the house becomes extremely quiet.

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Another thing that helps is being able to say no to everyone, yourself included. Children are constantly trying to push boundaries, and if you let your guard down and agree to give them attention once during work hours, they will be sure to interrupt you time and time again. When Z.E.N. tries to interrupt me, I explain to him that wasting my work time now will result in missing out on play time, story time or his favorite TV show later. An important thing that I need to remember though is that Rome was not built in a day and that I do not need to spend every waking hour working. I watched the series Mary Mary on WEtv last season, which is a reality show chronicling the lives of a gospel duo who happen to be sisters. In one episode, one of the sisters, Tina, was working so hard that her husband started expressing some concerns about their marriage. In the end, she knew she had to do something to balance her work life and family life and took drastic steps to save to save her marriage.

I never want to be in that position and feel that my work should not interfere too much with my personal life just like my personal life should not interfere with my work — taking a day or two off every now and then and enjoying time spent with my family is much more important ( and fun) than work!

What steps have you taken to balance work and family life?

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Work Life Balance for Moms That Work At Home

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