Three Reasons to Love Kings Food Markets

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While some people may loathe it, grocery shopping is a chore that Philip and I both love. We both love food, so walking around a store full of food makes us happy.  We’ve become a lot more picky over the years about the types of foods that we buy and try to buy as much locally sourced and organic products as possible. This is where Kings Food Markets shine.

We first heard about Kings a few years back when Philip’s cousin started working at a Kings store part-time while she was going to college.  Kings Food Markets is an upscale food market chain headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, with stores in northern New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. We finally stepped foot in one this week and were blown away.  The store we visited was in Warren, New Jersey. The store was very aesthetically pleasing and had so many great items to choose from.  We spent close to an hour at the store, just checking out all their great products. They have a fantastic selection of private label products, many of which are organic.

Kings Private Label Food 

Three reasons to love Kings Food Markets

Great selection of locally sourced and organic foods.

When it comes to eating local, clean and organic, Kings Food Markets has become synonymous with healthier eating that not only works to serve families… but the communities that they live in. As amazing as that is, it is even more impressive that this same passion is not something that stemmed from the organic movement or following the latest trends. Kings has a long history of investing itself and its business in a devotion to healthier living for the world around it.

Organic Produce at Kings Food Stores

Deep Local Roots Grounded in Community

For Kings Food Markets, it all goes back to 1936 when the founding owners of the specialty gourmet food store began seeking out the best farmers around to supply them with locally sourced produce. They knew that their choice was very important because what sprang forth from the ground would be the very things to nurture the hearts and hearths of its local families. It is these same strong relationships that have stood the test of time and helped Kings to offer organic food options that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Gourmet Catering

It can be incredibly difficult to find delicious catering that also keeps your lifestyle in mind. Kings Food Markets offers an impressive array of gourmet catering options that can stand up to even your toughest critics, your foodie friends and your most health conscious mom circle. From fresh seafood to dishes inspired by the local garden, you will find something for every palette brought to you by the experts at Kings.

Fresh fish at Kings Food Stores

You do not even need to worry about the floral arrangements for your gathering. Kings has got you covered, offering bountiful blooms from the freshest local greeneries in town.

Flower Boutique at Kings Food Stores in Warren
Kings Act Against Hunger Initiative

Kings is fully dedicated to the health of its communities and the families that it serves. Kings has donated 100,000 pounds of food towards the fight against hunger and it looks forward to 80 more wonderful years of being able to give back to the world around it. However, what’s even more impressive, is that Kings does not end its reach at donations. Instead, it offers after-school programs and local events that inspire others to eat fresh, stay healthy and be happy.

From locally grown produce to a hands on commitment to its community, Kings Food Markets are changing the way that we live from the inside out. Now that is what we call passion.

Did you know that September is Family meals Month? To celebrate, I will be joining @KingsFoodMkts  @nutritionshari in a conversation centered around healthy and quick meals for families. During the chat, we’ll be giving away $100 Kings gift cards. I would love it if you could join us.  The #FamilyMealsChat will take place on September 14th from 1-2pm ET. 

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Three Reasons to Love Kings Food Markets

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