Love, Santa By Martha Brockenbrough – How to Explain Santa Isn’t Real

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Do you remember how old you were when you asked your parents if Santa Claus was real? I’m not sure I ever asked. I think I found out on my own. As the holidays arrive, many parents of young children often struggle with how to explain Santa isn’t real. Many parents dread having the Santa conversation with their child as they are apprehensive of disappointing the child or stripping away a part of their innocence. My son still believes in Santa and I am not looking forward to having the conversation with him. If you are looking for an effective and gentle way to convey the truth about Santa Claus to your young children, look no further than Love, Santa by Martha Brockenbrough. This book is fantastic and is a great way to ease into the conversation for kids ages 6-11.

Love Santa Book Cover

Love, Santa is a poignant and beautiful way of showing the true holiday spirit while helping parents to explain the true meaning of Santa to their children. The book is actually a series of letters written by a young girl named Lucy who faithfully writes her letter to Santa every Christmas. To her amazement, she actually receives responses from Santa and in doing so begins to understand more about his character and who he is.

As Lucy gets a bit older, she asks her mother if she has actually been posing as Santa.

Illustrations in Love Santa Book

Her mother explains that Santa Claus is not real and has not given Lucy the presents she received at Christmas, but that the spirit of Santa is certainly real and abundant. Her mother explains that the idea of Santa is bigger than any individual and that we emulate Santa in our kindness to each other not only at Christmas but throughout the year. In this way, Lucy’s mother is able to teach her daughter the timeless lessons of love and generosity with truthfulness. It also emphasizes respect for the child’s growing maturity as she reaches a turning point in how she celebrates Christmas.

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Illustration in Love Santa Book

The book is beautifully illustrated by Lee White and includes not only watercolors of Lucy as she grows up but also each charming letter exchanged between Lucy and “Santa” which children can actually remove and read. 

It’s in stores now!

About the Creators

Martha Brockenbrough is the author of two books for adults and five books for young readers, including The Game of Love and Death, which earned four starred reviews and was a Kirkus Prize finalist, Devine Intervention, and The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and their two daughters. Visit her online at

Lee White is an artist and teacher who loves watercolor, print making, and climbing trees. He spends his days splashing paint in his backyard studio, where there are absolutely no clocks allowed! He has illustrated more than fifteen books and shown in galleries across the country, from Los Angeles to New York. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and young son.

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Love, Santa By Martha Brockenbrough – How to Explain Santa Isn’t Real

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