Second Chances In Life Do Exist

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This post featuring #WorkforceStories and second chances in life from the1 in one hundred million series #1in100MM is a sponsored post.

When I was a kid, both of my parents worked outside of the home. At the time, their main priority in life was to provide for my sisters and I, purchase their own home and send us to a private Catholic school.  Through hard work, they accomplished these goals. One of the values they instilled in us was that we needed to work hard in order to achieve our goals. This is a value that I still believe rings true today.

People have different goals in life and it’s so interesting to see what drives people.  Watching the 1 in one hundred million series produced by Kronos allowed me to take a glimpse into today’s workforce.  The 1 in one hundred million series is a video series where we get to hear the personal stories of the hard working Americans who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs that we all rely on. 

One of the stories that stood out to me was about a Sous Chef named Mike Perez.  Mike’s story was not always a happy one.  When he was younger, he did some things that landed him in jail.  Jail was not a place where he wanted to be.  While in jail, he started working in the kitchen and discovered that he actually liked to cook.  Upon his release from prison in 2006, Mike found it hard to get a job because he had a record.  He joined a program called the Silver Fork program that the owner of a catering company had started to help people like Mike who were ready for a fresh start and a new career. 

Mike sailed through the program and upon completion was offered a position at the Hearty Boys Catering. He’s been working there ever since and has moved up the ranks to the position of Sous Chef. This story fascinated me because it shows that when people are given second chances at life they often strive to succeed. Mike was driven to turn his life around and he did so very successfully.  

Here is Mike’s story in his own words.  What do you think of his story? Do you believe in second chances in life?

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Second Chances In Life Do Exist

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